Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Oh its crying time .....Cape Town Stadium.... I'm gonna leave you.....

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If  you have enjoyed my daily photo updates I would love to hear it but now I need to take a break from blogging ...

I wish you all an awesome time in South Africa. I know you will love every minute of it but please stay safe and well, always keep your wits about when you are outside
 Remember I have been recording and taking photos of Green Point and surroundings for over a year and almost always wandering around on my own , even after dark, so don't be paranoid, just always be aware of your surroundings and what is going on and don't do silly things

I have met many nice people on my hunt for photos,who would engage me in conversation, curious at what I was doing ..often wanting me to take their photo, only very occasionally did I need to run for my car
And please drop me a line when you are back home, to tell me how your trip was, I would really love to hear your stories and I will of course always reply


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Monday, May 31, 2010

May 31 2010 update Cape Town Stadium and surroundings

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In Love...they stood there so long... I was hopping from one leg to the other to stay warm :) waiting...
I then decided to include them in the photo

There is so much to photograph around Green Point but so little time..
The  Ferris Wheel  is being constructed as we speak ,
 it was designed and supplied by Wheel of Excellence and shipped from Paris's Place de la Concorde
The wheel has thirty-six enclosed and air-conditioned capsules. Each can accommodate eight people. This in turn means that two hundred and eighty-eight people can make each ride.

There are rows of brand new shuttle buses parked on the south side of the Green point park
and there are many other things going on and still under construction

May 31
You can see these flags everywhere now

BBC Studio May 31
The lift doesnt seem to make much progress

May 31

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Slogan spotted inside Cape Town Stadium : “Ke Nako Celebrate Africa’s Humanity”.

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A cold night in Cape Town
and so there were not many people braving the cold at the top of Signal Hill

Cape Town city

I had not seen the slogan yet on image to see it  
(See arrow )

Ke Nako” means simply ‘it’s time’. And indeed Africa’s time has come to use the 2010 FIFA World Cup to change perceptions of Africa and reposition the continent in a positive light with South Africa as the theatre and Africa the stage.

Africa is a continent with a rich reservoir of resources, but the continent’s biggest asset by far is the warmth, friendliness, humility and humanity of its people. This was the inspiration for the Official Slogan of the 2010 FIFA World Cup :


The more than gorgeous Green Point Common and Stadium is beautifully lit up, with the deep blue Atlantic ocean and the lights of Milnerton and Bauuwberg to the east, its always a feast for the eyes to view this from Signal Hill


Sorry the stadium is blown out here


The new Green Point park not quite ready


A closer look BTW these are large photos

Difficult to get the lighting right
One day I will hopefully learn how to do that

12 days to go
An advertisement by Hyundai
This morning on my way to the "Bread and Wine" restaurant in the winelands I saw this giant vuvuzuela
and shot it from the car

Incidentally the food in Bread&Wine is superb
you need to book in advance though

This sight surprised me the first time I saw it in Cape Town , it reminded me of Cairo

After a delicious lunch in Bread & Wine on the way back we stopped off at Pappa Grappa
to sniff the Grappa and left with a bottle or 2 after 
devouring pancakes with ice cream and chocolate sauce as dessert

I saw snow on some mountain tops in the winelands
it was a beautiful clear day Its so beautiful there !
Please do yourself a favour and drive to Franschoek or Paarl for lunch
when you are here it is so worth it
but do book your restaurant !
and the best view of all ....Table Mountain !

The IRT stations are getting on but they will be a while before they are ready


Blogger is driving me crazy tonight
The photos keep jumping to off center :(

Friday, May 28, 2010

May 28 Latest update, Cape Town Stadium

                                                                                May 210
I had no time to get out of the car to take photos today its getting extremely difficult to park somewhere and take photos without walking considerable distances . So many roads are now blocked off to cars and pedestrians

I was at Mc Donald's (but not to eat :) ) and this is the only small pocket to get close to the stadium, everyday there are more barriers in place

The Green Point Park entrances now all have gates and all were locked up at 4 o clock this afternoon
I was at Virgin Active and even there are barriers in place

Fritz Sonnenberg Road is blocked off and so is the whole of Granger Bay Boulevard, there is now a blue bridge over the road , its not quite ready, which people have to use to walk from the stadium to the Waterfront

There is a studio being build on a hill near the Grand Cafe and there are more hospitality tents build at the Waterfront and also more around the stadium on the Granger Bay Boulevard side

I was hoping to capture the stadium in the mist after dark  like I did
a year ago Please pray for fog :) I would love to see the yellow light shine through

A STUNNING video here

After Heavy Rain, Cape Town Stadium. May 28 2010

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Cape Town Stadium , Stadium Media Center

The hospitality tents in the old stadium area
and the big tent park on the Common have electricity/lights now
and a "Stadium Media Center" sign was hung up today
(the lit tent bottom left )


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Monday, May 24, 2010

All the Transport information to get to the WC 2010 Cape Town Stadium in Green Point here

Cape Town will offer visitors and residents safe and easily accessible public transport during the 2010 FIFA World Cup™. Rail, bus and other existing services i.e. metered taxis and car rental will cater for a wide variety of transport requirements, and will ensure that the Cape Town Stadium, the FIFA Fan Fest™ and the public viewing areas are adequately served.

Event-related public transport will be added to the regular public transport system i.e. an airport shuttle to the Cape Town International Airport, a stadium shuttle to the Cape Town Stadium and Bus & Rail Park and Ride services. Travel around the city will be served by an inner city transport service.

Find all this information here

With the new Bing Maps, you can see what's near a location, pin results you like, and explore cities at eye level. Handy if you need to get driving directions from A to B :

Sunday, May 23, 2010

FIFA World Cup 2010 – The Green Point Stadium,gmp architekten

The car racing past me stood on his brakes almost immediately after this shot since the road is cordoned off with gates and he then drove meekly back again :) he must have been blind ! Yet he was by no means the only one who tried this trick !

Fritz Sonnenberg Road closed off

FIFA World Cup 2010 – The Green Point Stadium :Project description courtesy of gmp architekten

Saturday, May 22, 2010

The £1million BBC World Cup Studio on roof Cape Town Hospital not nearly ready

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Former England captain Gary Lineker might have to take the stairs to present Match of the Day from the BBC's R11 million rooftop World Cup studio in Cape Town if contractors fail to sort out a major problem that has stalled the erection of a purpose-built lift.

Continue reading here

                Granger Bay Boulevard closed off . On the left see BBC studio with view to Table Mountain on the roof top of Somerset Hospital

It will have marvelous views on clear days but its often misty now
but I think I will be able to see my home on tv :)

BBC Sport's dedicated World Cup website – – will provide a one-stop shop for the live World Cup , covering every kick of the tournament in South Africa

And...Sky Sports follows BBC to Cape Town with World Cup studio

                          You can see someone inside the BBC studio at work on late saturday afternoon

The Daily Mail :
The pundits' paradise: BBC lavished £1m on a World Cup studio (pity it's 1,000 miles away from the action)

Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday morning Bomb scare at the Cape Town Stadium on first day Fifa has full control of Cape Town Stadium

The Cape Town stadium was evacuated this morning after a bomb threat was called in. Read on here

I must say that the stadium looked dead today No life to be seen ....weird... after all the frenzied activity of these last months

Yesterday I was still able to drive along this road but today nobody is allowed close to the stadium without a special pass, its now totally sealed off and manned at the checkpoints

                      Granger Bay Boulevard Closed off You are not allowed to walk past either

Thursday, May 20, 2010

A peek through the old stadium at the new World Cup Stadium which has now been sealed off

FIFA Local Organising Committee takes over the stadium to make final venue preparations for the eight matches which the Cape Town stadium will host.

FIFA's exclusive use period for the stadium starts on Friday 21 May, but LOC officials are already on site.

As a result of the intensive construction and preparation work, the stadium area has been sealed off to members of the public and the media, unless by prior arrangement with the LOC.

The stadium operators, Sail/Stadefrance, will assist FIFA in running the 68 000-seat stadium during this time.

Anyone who has driven past the stadium in the last few weeks will have noticed an entire village of white marquee tents. These will host FIFA's MATCH Hospitality venues, and work is already under way to equip these with kitchens and ablution facilities, furniture, decor, and everything that goes with hosting international delegations in five star style, up to the crockery and cutlery.

Food and beverage stalls are also being prepared inside and outside the stadium.

Work is also under way to build the broadcasting centre outside the stadium, the cableway camera platform, and the media tribune, which will accommodate 800 journalists at the top level of seating on the same side of the stadium as the players' tunnel. There will be 32 fixed camera positions in the stadium, and positions on the pitch for an additional 200 still and video cameras.

Martin Pollack

Cape Town Stadium at night as seen from Signal Hill

Here you can read about the things you are NOT allowed to bring into the Stadium :

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Never a dull moment Look at the Cape Town Stadium and Green point Urban park


Halogen lights above the pitch, created this yellow light
it is to stimulate the growth of grass in shady areas of the pitch.

The yellow lights were switched on around midnight. They were still on in the morning and again this evening ..

Another loop of lights in the new Green Point Park was switched on today