Thursday, July 9, 2009

Walk the Oribi suspension bridge Not a place for fertigo sufferers

This is the first thing you see when you arrive at the Oribi swing bridge
You can survey the bridge from the lookout house and decide if you want to risk your life walking it :) or rather take the path leading to the other side
Only 6 people are allowed on it at the same time and believe me people strictly adhere to that rule

Walking the swing bridge didnt bother me, even though it sways with every step but the metal bridge jutting out over the gorge (you need to click on the photo to see it better) was moving when I walked to the end and I must say I didn't linger too long :)

To see this vantage point one of several you need to pay R10 admission fee to the Oribi Gorge Conference Hotel and Adventure Resort.
Here you can peer down over the edge at the awesome grandeur of the gorgeThe KwaZulu-Natal landscape seems endless from here

I just discovered this cool virtual website it shows the view from the Oribi Lookout house Click and drag on the picture to take a look around. (tip: Click on fullscreen mode)

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