Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Construction work on the 2010 world cup soccer Green Point Stadium isabout 70% complete

Construction work on the Green Point Stadium is about 70% complete, and is on track for completion in December this year less then 400 days ahead of schedule !

The major concrete work has been completed, and only finishes to the structure, such as external cladding, cabling, seating and lighting, need to be completed.

The focus of construction work at present is the state-of-the-art roof structure, which has been designed to meet strict environmental constraints. The roof slopes inwards and incorporates the pitch lighting, making both of these invisible from the outside. It is also designed to minimise noise and disturbance in the surrounding areas.

The inner tension ring and outer compression ring of the roof have been installed, and the installation of the steel roof trusses is halfway to completion.

The first panels of the glass roof have also been installed.
Construction of the roof is progressing well and is scheduled for completion in September this year

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