Saturday, August 15, 2009

Book in Cape Town in 2010 Its the most beautiful city of South Africa

Cape Town also has the most beautiful 2010 Stadium, see here and here
to be used at the 2010 Fifa World Cup in South Africa

If you need accomodation my advice is not to bother with the big hotels, they are blocked booked by FIFA / Match and Tour Operators
Rather choose a nice 4 star guesthouse breakfast included, once you try them you will never book a hotel again (in Cape Town)

Below are reliable websites to book your own accomodation and dont worry about rediculous prices I have stayed in 3 different 4 star guesthouses myself (before that I used to stay in 4 and 5 star hotels in Cape Town )and asked if they will raise their prices, they will slightly, but they are not asking silly prices and are way cheaper then the hotels, yet just as comfortable and you get most likely far better service considering how busy it is going to be .

Do look at the Cape Town map before you choose, the closer to the Stadium and the V&A Waterfront the more expensive its going to be, yet I would go for that option since you will save in time and the expense of transport, if you are in walking distance of those 2 venues

Trip Advisor

After you have chosen your accomodation it is better to first get in touch with the B&B or guest house to confirm their rates and availability before you direct book

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The city of cape Town with the Port of Cape Town to the left and not seen on this photo Table Mountain to the right

A close up of the finally finished and crane-less V&A Waterfront

V&A Waterfront to the left the Port of cape Town in the middle and the CBD to the right

A closer look at the Port of Cape Town

The V& A Waterfront with the new 2010 Green Point Stadium still under construction to be completed by December 14, 2009
Do have a look at this wonderful Weekend in Cape Town video

2010 Green Point Stadium, Cape Town 85% complete

The fibre glass teflon cloth underneath the glass roof. The translucent roof is now in an advanced state and will be complete in Speptember, the fiber glass cloth allows natural lighting through and reduces reliance on artificial lights, it will also contain the noise

I especially like this image because of the men walking past the open "windows" this is how I see the stadium in the morning against the light and through the sea mist

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You can just see the top tier of light grey fixed seats
The fibreglass-like cloth membrane design is partly permeable. This “breathing” softer inner skin disperses sound waves and, since it is not a hard surface, absorbs sound into the body of the roof. The outer part of the roof is fixed glass, which provides a hard resonant surface which reflects sound waves back into the body of the roof. Through the sloping surface of the roof, sound waves are diffracted back against the soft inner skin membrane, where they are further dispersed.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

View of Granger Bay Boulevard between the new Green Point Stadium and the V&A Waterfront

As preparations for the 2010 FIFA World Cup move into higher gear, construction of the new Granger Bay Boulevard (linking Green Point to the V&A Waterfront) and the new traffic circle adjacent to the Green Point Stadium are at an advanced stage.

The raised Green Point circle will allow on-foot access to the Stadium and Urban Park precincts underneath it, without walkers having to contend with heavy traffic The new road, Granger Bay Boulevard, runs from the circle and comes out on Mouille Point's Beach Road, between the historic Somerset Hospital and Fort Wynyard buildings.

See photo below
A new Integrated Rapid Transit (IRT) system bus station is also planned for the centre island between the new traffic circle and the Portswood Road intersection on Western Boulevard, to meet public transport requirements for the World Cup 2010 event.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

This is was what the weather did in Cape Town today

It kicked up massive waves in the Atlantic Ocean, so I first headed to Camps Bay
He got soaked a little later, by a massive wave which caught me unaware too. Frankly he was foolish to stand there, if he had been swept away he would have been gone forever !
Sea Point. Looking upwards along the avenue, from the promenade towards Lion's Head

I then followed the coastal road back to SeaPoint.
This is the view along the promenade toward Three Anchor Bay and Green Point where the new 201 Green point Stadium is being build
The yellow cross on image shows where I was shooting from and
I walked from the parking bay across the road to shoot Lions Head
Sea Point with its olympic sized seawater swimming pool

Alongside the southernmost urban centre in Africa, separating city from ocean, lies an unusual strip of land. The Sea Point Promenade - and the public swimming pools at its centre - forms a space unlike any other in Cape Town. Right here, slightly away from the hustle and bustle of the business area, life is paraded, most unapologetically in all its forms… Over-made-up power-walkers, speed past homeless persons, kissing above the rocks and rent boys waiting for the next pick-up. Trendy teenagers eat ice creams, as elderly ladies parade dejected pet dogs on elastic leashes. Black, brown, white, young, old, locals, tourists, rich, poor, Jews, Muslims, Christians, stylish, tasteless – they are all here, arriving from apparently nowhere to join the ritual of walking a man-made path along the sea…

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A few more glass panels on the roof of the 2010 Green Point Stadium and its finnished

I have been dying to go up Signal Hill to shoot the roof, anxious to be in time before its completed but with the haze it was no use. This afternoon I took my chance because tomorrow 80% chance of rain forecast

Monday, August 10, 2009

Why has SAIL/Stade de France not signed the 2010 Green Point Stadium operator contract yet ?

I wonder how many people realise that:
While the contract has not yet been signed, the preferred stadium operators are a consortium of Stade de France, which operates a successful stadium in Paris, and the South African sports marketing company SAIL.
Read it on the Green Point Visitor website

The naming rights were expected to be announced after negotiations with the preferred operator.
Naming Rights tender
More Operator information on the Website

The Green Point Visitor website would have updated the information, if the contract HAD been signed
I can't find any conformation on the Internet either, except for an article in Noseweek

Sunday, August 9, 2009

The road to the 2010 Green Point Stadium, Cape Town

A small road off High Level Road in Green Point. "Thank you" to the 2 patient drivers who waited for me to take this shot Its amazing how my photography always get people to comment While I was shooting here, people in passing cars would stick their thumb up, nodding and smiling broadly. Two guys licking an ice cream stood by,watching the stadium and commenting : Its beautiful, hey ? A French guy arriving at his home, called out "Did you get a good shot ?" If you like you can come and take some photos from my balcony ! :)