Friday, September 11, 2009

The new 2010 World Cup Green Point Stadium is another Cape Town icon

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The magnificent view from the Granger Bay Marina breakwater

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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Close up of the strip of PVC attached to the facade of the new 2010 Green Point Stadium in Cape Town

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Driving along the new golf course I get the first glimpse of the membrane

I have to get up at 6.30 tomorrow so I am rushing this
and did the minimal of photo editing

From Wakame restaurant area
I must say I feel mixed about the look
It looks good here
but what do you think of the above images ?

The info about the
Mesh fabric façade :

The entire stadium will be clad in a light, silver mesh fabric façade.
Large elements of approximately 2m by 10m will create a uniform, smooth skin that abstracts the building from any scale – it will be difficult to measure the size of the building in this context

Made of PTFE, this skin will be waterproof and windproof. The membrane comprises expansive concave elements that form a cohesive flowing facade, which follows the stadium’s undulating shape. The fibreglass tissue emphasises this effect as its colour creates a sense of depth and animation. The translucent surface absorbs and reflects the effect of the existing daylight

It allows only 30% of natural light and thus significantly reduces thermal radiation and glare while providing natural ventilation and cooling for spectators in the stadium bowl. The cladding has another important environmental function; that of reducing visual clutter by creating an even outer façade that respects the surrounding historic urban fabric.
WHAT Do you think ?

September 9/2009 Nightshot of the 2010 Green Point Stadium

The shot is of last night just after midnight it was taken with my new camera the EOS 450D It was in honour of the moon
The sight was incredible

Hopefully I will have the time one day to learn how to take shots of the moon
(once the World Cup is over)
I failed dismally :( but the stadium looks good NON ?

Another crane down and the first PVC membrane on the Green Point Stadium during day light

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Ok unfortunately the sequence of these images are not right but you will get the gist of it
The membrane looks good from here What I love is.. that I will be able to see the "bones" of the stadium

The top part of the crane has come down now these guys are preparing the next part, I saw them walk fast as if they werent + or - 70 meters high up in the sky !
and that was the top ...
I am preparing another post... More images ..images I took when I drove past, they are the close ups of the stadium+ETFE membrane

Sunset photo of the PVC membrane on the facade of the 2010 Green Point Stadium/Cape Town Stadium

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On September 9 2009 the first strip of the PVC membrane was attached to the facade
Only now did I realise I took photos of it yesterday evening when I arrived home, I whipped out my camera since it was such a painfully beautiful evening and the stadium just looked glorious as usual. Today I saw the membrane in day light its a silver grey but it hasn't been stretched or properly attached yet, they were still working on that first strip
I have quite a few images to edit which I will post as soon as they are ready in a few hours

Another thing I want to mention is that another crane was dismantled today.
Once they are all gone I will miss them because of the extra light..yet undoubtedly the stadium will look so much better without them
I had hoped to take some night shots of the membrane but unfortunately that side of the stadium is now pitch dark ...

The First PVC Membrane strip is up on the facade of the 2010 Cape Town Stadium !!!

Its a milestone
I posted an image on flickr
more to come on my blog this evening
Have to go to dance class now

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

View of Table Mountain and the 2010 Cape Town Stadium in Green Point on a gorgeous spring day

Granger Bay Marina with (left) Devils Peak, Table Mountain and Signal Hill and you can even see the peak of Lions Head peeping over Signal Hill
Today was a gorgeous spring day I had a late and delicious seared tuna/tagliatelle lunch on the terrace of the Radisson Blue Hotel right next to the ocean, with the wide open scenery all around me, I was able to use my new EOS 450D camera for a change
This shot was taken just a few steps away from my chair

I was told today that the Radisson Blue Hotel still has some rooms available for 2010 and at the moment they are upgrading the superior and executive rooms they also have self catering holiday apartments attached to the hotel
Check it out here
Qua position this hotel is hard to beat but you will find mixed reviews here

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Morning afternoon and evening images of the new 2010 WC Soccer Cape Town Stadium

After heavy rain. Early morning; The stadium against a slate grey sky
Notice the beautiful colour of the roof !

Which for some strange reason seems to mimic the aqua marine colour of the sea

Mid afternoon; The sun breaks through the clouds imstantly intensifying the colours of the sea and the glass roof takes on the same hue as the sky

The blues and reds of this evenings sunset are reflected in the roof

o8 September 2009
Brazil, became the first South American team to qualify for the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa over the weekend, while Ghana became the first African team to qualify on Sunday 6 September. They join Korea Republic, Korea DPR, Japan, Australia, the Netherlands and the host nation at South Africa 2010.
By 18 November we will know which 32 teams will compete for World Cup glory next year and on 4 December during th Final Draw in Cape Town it will be decided where the teams will play during the group stages of the tournament

2010 World Cup Cape Town Stadium and Table Mountain

It was incredible bad weaher today and right now Cape Town is lashed by storm force winds and horizontal rain

Sunday, September 6, 2009

View from the (soon) renovated Metropolitan Golf club to the new 2010 Cape Town Stadium and Table Mountain

I wonder if they copied the Falaj system ?
To me this is not the prettiest side of the stadium My view of the Cape Town Stadium shows the most beautiful side or am I biased ?
Look here and here see for yourself