Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sunset photo of the PVC membrane on the facade of the 2010 Green Point Stadium/Cape Town Stadium

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On September 9 2009 the first strip of the PVC membrane was attached to the facade
Only now did I realise I took photos of it yesterday evening when I arrived home, I whipped out my camera since it was such a painfully beautiful evening and the stadium just looked glorious as usual. Today I saw the membrane in day light its a silver grey but it hasn't been stretched or properly attached yet, they were still working on that first strip
I have quite a few images to edit which I will post as soon as they are ready in a few hours

Another thing I want to mention is that another crane was dismantled today.
Once they are all gone I will miss them because of the extra light..yet undoubtedly the stadium will look so much better without them
I had hoped to take some night shots of the membrane but unfortunately that side of the stadium is now pitch dark ...

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