Thursday, September 10, 2009

September 9/2009 Nightshot of the 2010 Green Point Stadium

The shot is of last night just after midnight it was taken with my new camera the EOS 450D It was in honour of the moon
The sight was incredible

Hopefully I will have the time one day to learn how to take shots of the moon
(once the World Cup is over)
I failed dismally :( but the stadium looks good NON ?


  1. Now I'm confused...last night at about 8 pm I was admiring our moon - which obviously is the same as your moon - it was very low at the time, but it was a half moon and not a full one as your looks like it was :-/ I think I need to read up on my earth/moon/northern hemisphere/southern hemisphere knowledge.
    07:20 Stockholm-Arlanda airport, Gate 19 bound for LHR. :-)

  2. He he dont worry the moon is the same as yours Its just over half a moon but I agree the shot looks like its a full moon
    Its full moon on September 20 (Eid al Fitr