Saturday, October 24, 2009

New 2010 World Cup Green Point Stadium set a light on a misty night

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This was minutes a go
 Just after midnight.

It is a cold and misty night
so different from yesterday when it was a warm summers evening
It is a pity you cant see the real sight
The colours are incredible

Friday, October 23, 2009

World Cup 2010 Green Point Stadium Flood lights switched on October 22

Scroll down and see how the evening progresses...
Just before 7 oclock
After a hot windless day and a big fire in Milnerton, the air was thick and hazy with smog, as you can see it hanging around the hills in the far distance and so the sunset was a watery affair

The row of lights underneath the roof which had just been switched on

7.10 Pm Its the first time I see these lights on at the edge
as the evening progresses more and more of these edge lights are switched on and I am like a jack in the box
Jumping between my camera and my laptop
Each time when I look up from my editing, I see the stadium and they keep switching on and off different lights which I then try and capture
There were many tourist boats staying close to see the lights
The Catamaran is the Tigresse

7.20 PM

7.34 PM

The light changes fast and the stadium is looking beautiful

7.50 PM

8.01 PM

and then there are suddenly green lights too  at 8.02 PM

Blazing away

9.16 Notice the edge of the roof more and more lights are switched on

Its now past midnight and it still looks more or less like this
Goodnight from me in Cape Town

Thursday, October 22, 2009

All 360 lights were switched on World Cup Green Point stadium’s state-of-the art roof on oct 22

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Cape Town was treated to a view of he Cape Town Stadium’s “ring of fire” tonight
 The "ring of fire" are the 360 spotlights in the inner roof  ring, that will light up the pitch for the 2010 Fifa World Cup
Only 60 percent of the lights were switched on, on October 20 but on Oct 22 ALL 360 lights were switched on and what a sight it was I was enjoying a braai/barbeque while looking at this gorgeous view

I now have many photos to edit which I will post tonight

Smoking "Ring of fire" images of the 2010 World Cup Green Point Stadium

Initially I thought the roof was on fire there was so much smoke but I assume it was the the roof lights smoking

BTW thanks for your views
 My blog post of yesterday got 830 hits.
 The usual is around 250

It kept on smoking till I had to call it a day and finally closed the curtains

A little before the smoke, this is around 1 AM October 21 I used my polarizer for this shot with limited success

The above and below images are sharper shots

Of al the shots I took yesterday this one is my favourite
I love the colour of the PVC facade here

I was hoping for a repeat of yesterdays show but they have only been testing inside lights no roof lights
this was what it looked like tonight

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Testing the roof "Ring of fire" of the 2010 World Cup Green Point Stadium in Cape Town

The lights were switched on for the first time tonight It is extremely bright
not easy to capture since the middlle part kept being blown out whatever setting I used

A close up click images You can clearly see the seats

Click to read
An extract from the Green Point Stadium design report

Trying to avoid the flare of the light

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It is an amazing sight but there is allot of light polution which I thought that wouldn't be the case but then they are not finnished yet

The view to the West last night

Footnote on Oct 21
I am sure allot of Green Point people didn't realise the lights were on

I drove past the back (Atlantic side) at 9 PM and saw nothing out of the ordinary
when I drove up to my house I almost died at seeing the sight of the all lit up stadium
at first I immediately stopped my car to start shooting ... my cam and my tripod are always with me ..
I was so afraid they would switch them off before I was able to capture it :) but for safety reasons I drove home and although
I had not had dinner yet either I dropped everything and started shooting

Of course it then takes a few hours to choose and edit the photos
by the time I went to bed it was well after midnight but the lights were still blazing
When I closed the curtains I saw smoke coming off the roof and thought; OMG its not on fire ?

So again I whipped out my camera to shoot but that was all..... just clouds of smoke from time to time, no flames.Haven't seen or edited those images yet

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The 2010 World Cup Green Point Stadium in Cape Town and the sea

The V&A Waterfront with the Table Bay hotel (Blue roof) as seen from the whale watcher motor cruiser "The Condor "
It was a stunningly beautiful day today so I went on this ship for a change, I still have to edit the images 
but I will have a row lined up for you tomorrow

Another PVC sheet has been added to the facade today, this was very early this morning which means I have to shoot against the light Not the best time ...

Minutes before I left the house to catch my own boat I saw the Tahitian Princess  leaving the V&A Waterfront

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Monday, October 19, 2009

2010 World Cup Green Point Stadium collage

The match schedule for the 2010 Fifa World Cup South Africa
Images of the last week, some you saw already and some you haven't ..
and below some images I like but haven't posted yet

The new traffic circle in Green Point .
The Granger Bay Boulevard
 is not ready yet

A close up of the V&A Waterfront

From Upper Green Point

and the Cape Town Harbour with the ship Glas Dowr (Bluewater)I mentioned in my previous post on the right

as seen from Signal Hill

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Construction of the 2010 Soccer World Cup Stadium in Cape Town as seen on Saturday October 17 2009

Eleven strips up on this SW side and Seven and a half on the other NE side But they are having a problem again One of the NE PVC strips is badly torn ...

This is the last shot I took on Saturday but the day started off dismal again
very grey...

and while I was getting ready for a trip to the winefarm Fairview in Paarl (Winelands)
I saw the *"Glas Dowr" being towed out of Cape Town at 11 AM , it had been docked at the Cape Town harbour since October 2008
if you are interested why is a very interesting article.
scroll down about 2/3rd to read  about the Glas Dowr
Sounds like a "fishy" business ...

*'Glas Dowr' Floating Production, Storage & Offloading (FPSO) ship

By midday it was suddenly gorgeous sunny weather, its when the facade looks its best

After a superb lunch in Fairview on my way home I passed the Stadium at the back and was surprised to see there were 7 and a half strips up on the NE side and I couldn't resist to check them out

Looks great from the NW side

Click images to see large

coming closer .. aww...there was trouble ahead ...its badly torn... not again !

Yep a big rip and a small one underneath, that is going to cost them in time again

but the facade looks nice and white here
I guess that they are just putting up the strips as fast as possible so that it looks finished and then do the fine tuning at a later stage On December 4th is the |Final draw and the world will be seeing this stadium on their TV screens so it better be ready in theory

The sun was down and I needed to turn back, it was rapidly getting darker

unfortunately the next 2 shots didn't come out the way I would have liked
Still like to show you though ...

When I was walking here I loved the way this huge stadium is towering over me and how it dwarfed the apartment blocks in the distance

Just look at those construction workers
 I suppose it beats the office ...

And back home I took this last shot from my garden and  we have come full circle