Sunday, October 18, 2009

Construction of the 2010 Soccer World Cup Stadium in Cape Town as seen on Saturday October 17 2009

Eleven strips up on this SW side and Seven and a half on the other NE side But they are having a problem again One of the NE PVC strips is badly torn ...

This is the last shot I took on Saturday but the day started off dismal again
very grey...

and while I was getting ready for a trip to the winefarm Fairview in Paarl (Winelands)
I saw the *"Glas Dowr" being towed out of Cape Town at 11 AM , it had been docked at the Cape Town harbour since October 2008
if you are interested why is a very interesting article.
scroll down about 2/3rd to read  about the Glas Dowr
Sounds like a "fishy" business ...

*'Glas Dowr' Floating Production, Storage & Offloading (FPSO) ship

By midday it was suddenly gorgeous sunny weather, its when the facade looks its best

After a superb lunch in Fairview on my way home I passed the Stadium at the back and was surprised to see there were 7 and a half strips up on the NE side and I couldn't resist to check them out

Looks great from the NW side

Click images to see large

coming closer .. aww...there was trouble ahead ...its badly torn... not again !

Yep a big rip and a small one underneath, that is going to cost them in time again

but the facade looks nice and white here
I guess that they are just putting up the strips as fast as possible so that it looks finished and then do the fine tuning at a later stage On December 4th is the |Final draw and the world will be seeing this stadium on their TV screens so it better be ready in theory

The sun was down and I needed to turn back, it was rapidly getting darker

unfortunately the next 2 shots didn't come out the way I would have liked
Still like to show you though ...

When I was walking here I loved the way this huge stadium is towering over me and how it dwarfed the apartment blocks in the distance

Just look at those construction workers
 I suppose it beats the office ...

And back home I took this last shot from my garden and  we have come full circle

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