Saturday, October 17, 2009

Green Point Stadium,Cape Town,South Africa,Fifa Soccer World Cup 2010, Day and evening photos on Oct 16 2009.

It is always a surprise to see a new strip of the PVC facade up

Un edited image at 3.30 PM

Note the new large water feature on the golf course

The old Green Point Stadium site

It is about 6.30 PM here


  1. Hi Joanne,

    Love your work on the stadium pics.

    I moved to Mouille Point 3 months ago and have been facinated by the construction process.

    I will keep coming back to see the view from up on the hill.


  2. Hey Andre Thanks for your comment
    Enjoy your new home IMO this area is the best in Cape Town ! I too regularely nip up the hill and easily spend a couple of hours walking around and shooting