Saturday, January 9, 2010

A sight for sore eyes ! Cape Town Stadium and the cloth on Table Mountain during sunset !

No better and no more beautiful place than Cape Town !

Why is it... that when guys see me shooting  they always feel the need to jump in front of my camera and clown around posing while I have never seen a girl do this !
I have quite a few pix of these clowns :) maybe I should start posting them !

Do click this and see it large ...
I learned from flickr that people tastes differ wildly
For example I know that some of you will find there are too many cars in this shot
 but I actually like it and besides there was not much option to leave them out
the only other option was the shot example above this one

Yep I was at the Radisson Hotel  again
 it was packed ofcourse its the place to watch the sunset and eachother :)

and to Daniel who asked me if I have any shots of the "closed roof"
The roof is open in the middle it means that the players will get a shower if it rains
You see ...
 We have thought of everything :)

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Friday, January 8, 2010

Work on the facade of the Cape town Stadium . January 7 2010

They were busy working on the facade with up to 7 cherry pickers
but no work on the 2 gaps

Camps Bay from Glen beach

I was in Camps Bay earlier this evening
 unfortunately there was a sea mist all along the coast but still very beautiful and warm

Thursday, January 7, 2010

There is a hole in my new Cape Town Stadium Dear Lisa !

So I checked the photos I took when they had ripped the facade

and they are replacing this one which was ripped (Sept 21 2009)
they patched it up but are obviously not happy with it

A peek inside the grass looks nice and green

If you are still looking to buy tickets for a match in this stadium
Try this:  website

Green grass of home

I was in Camps Bay today and the beaches are still packed

Its been very hot lately
The sprinklers seem to be going the whole day

Just showing you what I got

The other hole

My work station Cheers :)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Deja vu ? Work on the facade of the Cape Town Stadium and half a strip of facade is missing on the East side

There was a lone cherry picker at work yesterday but that was increased  to three today
and when I drove to the movies this evening I couldn't believe my eyes but there is half a strip of PVC membrane missing again on the East side I have had  no time to check it out
up close

There hasn't been anything happening on the Urban Park for a long time
and the belt of trees they planted are a joke
it will be a long long time before they will give some shade

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Cape Town Stadium January 2010

I never shoot people if I can help it, but I had just set up my camera on very uneven ground and scrub wood fiddling with the spirit levels on my tripod then when I looked through the view finder I saw a plastic coffee cup in my frame, so I walked over and removed it, by the  time I returned to my camera, this couple had walked into my frame and I was waiting for ages for them to move and while I waited I took some shots out of boredom What do you think ? I quite like it actually
If this is you or if you know this couple then contact me
and I will send you the photos

The road leading from the sea is the Fritz Sonnenberg Road
and it is where I stood at the corner of the stadium podium
when I took this shot

Monday, January 4, 2010

Dramatic skies over Green Point and a very dirty roof on the Cape Town Stadium

Its around 6 PM the sea looks ink black with a menacing sky
am replying to e mails and taking shots every 5 min or so
My camera is set up on my new tripod
and my now new indispensable Tilt pan head which has a spirit level, so now my images will never be tilted anymore it used to be immensely frustrating to take shots at night and then find that they are not horizontal
So happy that now pretty all my shots are usable :)

6.21 PM

6.26 PM now debating if I should drive up Signal Hill
I can see that there is a gap in the clouds to the West ..

Took this shot at 07.09 PM
I haven't seen the roof that dirty before ...
Wil you believe it ?
Fifteen minutes later it started drizzling again !
More tomorrow .