Monday, January 4, 2010

Dramatic skies over Green Point and a very dirty roof on the Cape Town Stadium

Its around 6 PM the sea looks ink black with a menacing sky
am replying to e mails and taking shots every 5 min or so
My camera is set up on my new tripod
and my now new indispensable Tilt pan head which has a spirit level, so now my images will never be tilted anymore it used to be immensely frustrating to take shots at night and then find that they are not horizontal
So happy that now pretty all my shots are usable :)

6.21 PM

6.26 PM now debating if I should drive up Signal Hill
I can see that there is a gap in the clouds to the West ..

Took this shot at 07.09 PM
I haven't seen the roof that dirty before ...
Wil you believe it ?
Fifteen minutes later it started drizzling again !
More tomorrow .

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