Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Oh its crying time .....Cape Town Stadium.... I'm gonna leave you.....

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If  you have enjoyed my daily photo updates I would love to hear it but now I need to take a break from blogging ...

I wish you all an awesome time in South Africa. I know you will love every minute of it but please stay safe and well, always keep your wits about when you are outside
 Remember I have been recording and taking photos of Green Point and surroundings for over a year and almost always wandering around on my own , even after dark, so don't be paranoid, just always be aware of your surroundings and what is going on and don't do silly things

I have met many nice people on my hunt for photos,who would engage me in conversation, curious at what I was doing ..often wanting me to take their photo, only very occasionally did I need to run for my car
And please drop me a line when you are back home, to tell me how your trip was, I would really love to hear your stories and I will of course always reply


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Monday, May 31, 2010

May 31 2010 update Cape Town Stadium and surroundings

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In Love...they stood there so long... I was hopping from one leg to the other to stay warm :) waiting...
I then decided to include them in the photo

There is so much to photograph around Green Point but so little time..
The  Ferris Wheel  is being constructed as we speak ,
 it was designed and supplied by Wheel of Excellence and shipped from Paris's Place de la Concorde
The wheel has thirty-six enclosed and air-conditioned capsules. Each can accommodate eight people. This in turn means that two hundred and eighty-eight people can make each ride.

There are rows of brand new shuttle buses parked on the south side of the Green point park
and there are many other things going on and still under construction

May 31
You can see these flags everywhere now

BBC Studio May 31
The lift doesnt seem to make much progress

May 31