Saturday, April 10, 2010

Cape Town World Cup Stadium getting ready for the last big Test event

                                         The "Ring of Fire" was on  for just one hour

Cape Town Stadium will host a final test event for the 2010 FIFA World Cup™, when four national under-20 teams take part in the Cape Town International Challenge on April 10.

South Africa’s upcoming stars will take on their Nigerian counterparts at 1630 hours and current under-20 world champions, Ghana, will play ten-time champions, Brazil, at 1900 hours.

Of the eight games scheduled to take place at Cape Town Stadium during the 2010 FIFA World Cup™, seven are at night.

and as I was shooting here, they started to switch off the lights
inside as well and each time more lights went off,  there was a loud exclamation from me
Ah shame !

Can you see the work men on the bottom right ?
The stadium is still being worked on day and night

 I hope some one pointed out the missing edge light ..
They never seem to get it right I have never seen them on all at the same time

                                This is when I had just arrived at this spot and all the lights were still on
                                The above photos are all from a different angle ofcourse

Just before 7 PM
It had been a grey blah day and I wasn't going out
 until I glanced outside and saw the lights were on !


7.20 PM last shot before I go on my shoot
 by 8 PM the lights were mostly switched off
and I went home for a bite to eat

Friday, April 9, 2010

Rare night view Photos of CT Stadium "Ring of Fire", from Kings Block House high on Devils Peak

                                                  Click to see very large image
Few people will ever see this view for real
what is so special is that the stadium's "Ring of Fire" was switched on for just 1 hour

Chris who took these 2  fantastic shots, by balancing his Canon Power Shot G9 on a rock ,
 at the Kings Block House on Devil's Peak was on a hike when he noticed the lights
 He  is a member of 
and is trained to be on the mountain at night
A bit like a mountain goat and unbelievably fit
he treats Table Mountain like his back yard !

                                              He took them for me to show you all
I promised him my Point and Shoot Gorilla Pod so next time he can take even sharper shots  
he told me he is sometimes on top of Table Mountain at midnight
and the views and atmosphere is just out of this world

Just stunning !
The stadium is still oozing light though

Named after George III of Great Britain, high on the Eastern flank of Table Mountain is the highest of a series of Block Houses built by the British in 1796. Kings block house was placed there as from that point it was possible to see False Bay on the Eastern side of the Cape Peninsula and from there it was possible to signal via the other blockhouses to Cape Town's Castle warning them of approaching ships entering False Bay. Kings Block House remains intact but in poor condition but it could be restored to its former condition given the necessary funding and effort.

I was out as well this evening to capture all the lights on, but will show you my scoop tomorrow

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Photo update on R54-million Green Point Urban Park and Cape Town Stadium.

Said to be completed in time for World Bio diversity Day on May 22

The park, which is shaped like a triangle with a "leg" abutting one corner, is accessible from four gates.

It is surrounded by a cycle track and a pedestrian walkway, with one path cutting straight from Western Boulevard on to the promenade, with the Mouille Point lighthouse the focus for most of the way and the Metropolitan golf course on the right
Read on here

A section of the Green Point Park  is earmarked for the development of a biodiversity showcase garden of indigenous, water-wise plants that display the region s biodiversity, and demonstrateresponsible environmental gardening/horticultural practices.

There will be an ECO center, The following will be associated with the ECO Centre

¥ A worm farm
¥ The biodiversity showcase garden
¥ Organic vegetable gardens and vegetable allotments

¥ Play areas for young people
¥ A public art pavilion and outdoor art
¥ A recycling drop-off centre and demonstration area
¥ A bicycle rental facility

Read on PDF File

A grey grey day No sun as far as I can remember

• SAIL Stadefrance (stadium operator) is the leaseholder of the stadium and Green Point Park (GPP) and acts as an agent for the management and operation of these metropolitan amenities.

• The Operator is to pay a nominal rental of R100 during the lease period. In addition to the rental, the operator is obliged to maintain the leased area, including structures in “clean, tidy and sanitary condition”, take responsibility for providing security and for payment of all utility service charges.

• The public park will be open from sunrise to sunset every day of the year except when there is an event. No fee will be charged for the use of the public facility. It is envisaged that a fee will be charged for special events within the park.

We could do with some decent rain but only had drizzle this morning
which probably made things worst

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

If you could not get tickets for the 2010 FIFA World Cup in the Cape Town Stadium, here is your chance !

Book your seats quickly now, before they are sold out here at  Computicket  for the Cape Town International Challenge, tickets are very affordable R20 or R 30

An International Under 20 football double header featuring South Africa vs Nigeria and Ghana vs Brazil.
April 10 Venue , Cape Town Stadium

I have decided not to attend this event , because I am not allowed to bring my SLR and my Point and Shoot camera doesn't take great photos at night so instead will try and record whats going on around the stadium

The sea was so red this evening , will you believe me , if I tell you that the un-edited photo, raw from my cam is even redder then this version ?
I used the "exposure" sliders for the above image but that is all

For some reason they do not seem to make much progress with the setting up of the tents
its been a week now like this

It is still such a pleasure to see these beautiful Cape Tonian skies and sunsets
even though I have seen them now a few hundred of times I still stand still or stop with whatever I am doing to watch it and frequently can't resist to get my camera  and take some shots

Monday, April 5, 2010

Areal night close up photos of Cape Town Stadium and V&A Waterfront

Click image to see large

You can understand how hard it is, to tear yourself away from Cape Town
and so  The super yacht "Rising Sun" is still mooored in the V&A Waterfront

Sunday, April 4, 2010

A walk from Mouille Light house to New Port Deli,Wakame, Wafu and Pepenero

Is a seaside cafe with a relaxed vibe Greek/mediterranean food Order your food and drinks at the counter then take a seat on the deck. Views of  the red-and-white painted  lighthouse or the Stadium and Table Mountain on the other side

I like this one for a coffee, or lunch

Cafe Neo is on the corner, right opposite the Light house
This is ofcourse the urban park as seen from my house

Behind me is the sea
My walk started at 4.30 which was just a little early for the usual crowd, running, walking, jogging along the boulevard There is a small pizza place at the left corner of the photo, Cafe Bravo
I have eaten only once there, I am not a pizza lover but its always packed or busy

This is what that stretch of road looks like from Signal Hill side
The Urban park is supposed to be open before the World Cup starts

If you click the image you can just see the stadium peeking out between the buildings
when you walk here its so much nicer then my photos are able to show
Can you see Table Mountain as well ? 
Really the views are stunning

Still walking along this wide sea of grass
Here ...On the left of me is the Atlantic ocean

                                              Now I can see my favourite restaurants

                           The one on the right is a building with 3 of my favourite restaurants
                                  along this part of the boulevard

                                               Newport Deli, Wakame, Wafu all in one building
and Pepenero opposite on  the left
These are my favourites along this stretch of road called  Beach Road  Newport Deli has awesome breakfasts and lunch freshly made on the premises but no alcohol ,its always packed in the weekends and busy on other days Views of the Atlantic Ocean and the Stadium and Mountains

Wakame is the restaurant above Newport Deli , it is Eastern fusion food and I love this one for dinner
for the seaviews, the vibe and the food can be very good
The sunset and people watching are other favourites
It gets very very busy in the weekends and busy every day during holidays and summer
Always book your restaurants if you have a particular one in mind or you will be disappointed

Wafu is a bar at the top I love this one for lunch I like to sit at one of the high tables and watch the world go by and the boats ofcourse and eating delicious sushi with a cold glass of white wine or come at night for dinner or drinks Its very very popular at sunset for drinks the deck outside gets packed with beautiful bodies

Pepenero is an Italien Restaurant read more here

No topless girls as far as i know but its
The City Sightseeing Bus

Good to get your bearings when you are new in town !

Wafu at the top has fantastic views

This is taken from my house , the tent vllage for the Two Oceans is still being build
                                            Do you recognice the 3 restaurant building ?

I took these last photos this evening
It was cloudy and a "cold" strong wind
It was definitely autumn weather today

The sky started off pretty grey I did not expect to take any photos of a sunset ...

In fact after walking this way for a while I crossed the road to look at the urban park but was almost blown out of my fleece so headed back for the car

when suddenly the sun came out for the last time

and I hastily shot these last 2 for you