Sunday, April 4, 2010

A walk from Mouille Light house to New Port Deli,Wakame, Wafu and Pepenero

Is a seaside cafe with a relaxed vibe Greek/mediterranean food Order your food and drinks at the counter then take a seat on the deck. Views of  the red-and-white painted  lighthouse or the Stadium and Table Mountain on the other side

I like this one for a coffee, or lunch

Cafe Neo is on the corner, right opposite the Light house
This is ofcourse the urban park as seen from my house

Behind me is the sea
My walk started at 4.30 which was just a little early for the usual crowd, running, walking, jogging along the boulevard There is a small pizza place at the left corner of the photo, Cafe Bravo
I have eaten only once there, I am not a pizza lover but its always packed or busy

This is what that stretch of road looks like from Signal Hill side
The Urban park is supposed to be open before the World Cup starts

If you click the image you can just see the stadium peeking out between the buildings
when you walk here its so much nicer then my photos are able to show
Can you see Table Mountain as well ? 
Really the views are stunning

Still walking along this wide sea of grass
Here ...On the left of me is the Atlantic ocean

                                              Now I can see my favourite restaurants

                           The one on the right is a building with 3 of my favourite restaurants
                                  along this part of the boulevard

                                               Newport Deli, Wakame, Wafu all in one building
and Pepenero opposite on  the left
These are my favourites along this stretch of road called  Beach Road  Newport Deli has awesome breakfasts and lunch freshly made on the premises but no alcohol ,its always packed in the weekends and busy on other days Views of the Atlantic Ocean and the Stadium and Mountains

Wakame is the restaurant above Newport Deli , it is Eastern fusion food and I love this one for dinner
for the seaviews, the vibe and the food can be very good
The sunset and people watching are other favourites
It gets very very busy in the weekends and busy every day during holidays and summer
Always book your restaurants if you have a particular one in mind or you will be disappointed

Wafu is a bar at the top I love this one for lunch I like to sit at one of the high tables and watch the world go by and the boats ofcourse and eating delicious sushi with a cold glass of white wine or come at night for dinner or drinks Its very very popular at sunset for drinks the deck outside gets packed with beautiful bodies

Pepenero is an Italien Restaurant read more here

No topless girls as far as i know but its
The City Sightseeing Bus

Good to get your bearings when you are new in town !

Wafu at the top has fantastic views

This is taken from my house , the tent vllage for the Two Oceans is still being build
                                            Do you recognice the 3 restaurant building ?

I took these last photos this evening
It was cloudy and a "cold" strong wind
It was definitely autumn weather today

The sky started off pretty grey I did not expect to take any photos of a sunset ...

In fact after walking this way for a while I crossed the road to look at the urban park but was almost blown out of my fleece so headed back for the car

when suddenly the sun came out for the last time

and I hastily shot these last 2 for you


  1. Awesome set of photo's Joanne, and thanks for the review of some of your favourite places to eat & drink. There is nothing better than a few good tips from a local on where to go, and the Wafu Bar at Sunset is now on my list of places to visit. Begining to wish I was going to be in Cape Town for more than 10 days, so much to do and see...

    Thanks again Joanne...


  2. Radisson Blu right next to the ocean and across the road from the stadium its packed every evening as well
    and an awesome setting you can stay for dinner too

    My prediction is you will come back to CT Stephen :)

    Thanks Ol :)Made you home sick did it ?