Saturday, May 1, 2010

Cape Town Stadium Now and Green Point Stadium then ...

April 29 2010

September 2009

                                                      April  2010 versus  April 2007

Friday, April 30, 2010

South African security forces showed the world they are ready to combat any crime, from petty crime, to the most serious al-Qaida-linked threats against the World Cup

How South Africa showed off its security muscle for the 2010 World Cup on Thursday to convince skeptics the first tournament in Africa will be safe and secure.

The daylong exercise included helicopters flying overhead and special task force members abseiling from the roof of the new Greenpoint Stadium.

Hostage negotiators, bomb disposal experts, the diving unit, specialists from forensic laboratories as well as air force and navy members were just part of Thursday's participants.
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 as sunset falls over Green Point , Cape Town, SA 

The last stragglers leaving the building ..The government event started in the morning I heard singing and speeches and everybody was handed out a white goody bag
but these 2 guys got hold of a few

Shocking cost of lighting up Cape Town  stadium
 I just took this shot now
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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Vaudeville Don't go for the food but the acrobat acts are superb

I enjoyed the evening in the Vaudeville Restaurant ,
  the non stop show is entertaining and of quite a high standard
the food is not though. Apparently it changes every ten days or so but reading this review
I see that although they got more luxurious ingredients then us (we were 6 of us )
they were just as disappointed

I have been to Madam Zingara in the opulent tent, when they just started in Cape Town, it was superb
then they watered the show down and I saw it again, it was still very very nice and good food
I was with the same group of people, we all agreed Madan Zingara was the best
but Vaudeville is still very enjoyable and different from your usual dinner night out

Next week we will be going to Stardust again
also a great night out and ofcourse I can not wait for Madam Zigara
who will be back end May !.

This was the best act of the evening but they are leaving to Las Vegas

Romanian performers Constantin Ciobotaru and Dan Tazlauanu who perform Ballance, have joined the show for ten weeks only before moving to Cirque du Soleil’s Mystère production in Las Vegas
Its a breathtaking hand to hand strength act, they literally have the audience gasping in their seats
absolutely amazing !

You pay 350 Rand Per person if you want to sit at the outer edge of the show or 450 Rand for tables closer to the stage, it includes a 3 course dinner, one welcome drink I had no idea what it was, it tasted like a lemonade but they claimed it was a vodka drink

Performances run Tuesdays to Saturdays at 8:15pm with guests to be seated by 7:45pm. Advance reservations are essential: 021 419 9002.

Vaudeville is located at 11 Mechau Street (off lower Bree Street) on the Foreshore in Cape Town

April 28

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Lunch in Guardian Peak in Stellenbosch on Freedoms day

In the middle of vinyards mountains and a big blue sky lies Guardian Peak restaurant in Stellenbosch
Awesome views delicious food and an endless supply of yummy wine
makes it difficult to leave
I was there for 3 and half hours !

It was a National holiday in South Africa 
 Freedoms day
Freedom Day commemorates the first democratic elections held in South Africa on 27 April 1994

Theses were the views from my table
I do not get a sense of autumn yet in Green Point but here it definitely looked like autumn with the russet colours of the vinyards Just so beautiful

This is the time of gorgeous sunsets as well

and the tents are steadily growing

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A glimpse of the Cape Town Stadium from Three Anchor Bay.

                                                                     Spot the stadium

Monday, April 26, 2010

How I spend a random sunday In Cape Town

After a delicious lunch with live music in Cafe Roux in the Noord Hoek farm Village
I stopped at the Slangkop Light house in Kommetjie

View to Kommetjie from high up Slangkop hill
a quaint coastal town with one of the largest tidal pools and Long Beach, a sensational stretch of white sand that is popular amongst fishermen, surfers, wave-skiers, and wind-surfers.
Is also famous for its excellent crayfishing

Then a slow drive with many stops and walks on the Chapmans Peak Drive  
one of the most dramatic marine routes in the world that hugs the coast of the Atlantic Seaboard for nine kilometres

The combination of steep, almost thrilling rocky inclines, shimmering blue waters and expansive skies simply takes the breath away

Hout Bay
Hout Bay (Afrikaans: Houtbaai, from the Dutch for "Wood Bay") is the name of a coastal suburb of Cape Town, South Africa with a mix of neighbourhoods from the very rich to the very poor

Hout Bay is surrounded by mountain to the North, East and West and the Southern Atlantic Ocean to the South. In the North it is bordered by Table Mountain National Park comprising of the Orangekloof Nature reserve and the bottom slopes of Table Mountain beyond that. To the North-West it is bordered by the backside of the Twelve Apostles, known as the Oranjekloof. To the West it is bordered by Little Lion's Head (Klein Leeukop), Karbonkelberg, Kaptein's Peak and the Sentinel. To the East it is bordered by the Vlakkenberg, Skoorsteenskopberg and Constantiaberg. The world famous Chapman's Peak Drive is carved out of the mountainside and leads towards Noordhoek and onwards to Cape Point.

Then via Llandudno and Camps Bay through the pass between Judas Peak (part of the Twelve Apostles) and Little Lion's Head and

half an hour later I am home
Just another fantastic sunday in my beloved Cape Town  

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Cape Town Stadium and the Green Point Stadium bathed in a setting sun !

Just as the name Cape Town Stadium has started to become part of the lingua franca for locals, Fifa has revived the name Green Point Stadium by printing it, instead of the new name, on all match tickets.

Thousands of tickets with what appeared to be a misprint were sold last week in over-the-counter sales at Fifa ticket offices around the country.
Included with the ticket was a booklet that also referred to the stadium as Green Point Stadium.

The name was approved and changed by the City of Cape Town in September.
Local Organising Committee chief of communications Rich Mkhondo said today the name was not a misprint.

He said the Green Point name had been loaded on to the ticket sales system before the stadium was renamed.

"Although it may appear to be a misprint, it is not. At the time the stadium's information was loaded up, it still reflected the old name. But in accordance to Fifa policy, the name was changed to reflect its city. The ticket simply displays the old name and is not a concern."

Richard Saddington, from Milnerton, purchased a ticket for the preliminary Cape Town games on Friday. When he inspected it more carefully yesterday, he discovered what he thought was a misprint.

"This is both shockingly funny and horrible at the same time. Locals won't have any problem with it but tourists who don't know Cape Town might think we have two World Cup match venues.
I honestly think they should have done better."