Thursday, April 29, 2010

Vaudeville Don't go for the food but the acrobat acts are superb

I enjoyed the evening in the Vaudeville Restaurant ,
  the non stop show is entertaining and of quite a high standard
the food is not though. Apparently it changes every ten days or so but reading this review
I see that although they got more luxurious ingredients then us (we were 6 of us )
they were just as disappointed

I have been to Madam Zingara in the opulent tent, when they just started in Cape Town, it was superb
then they watered the show down and I saw it again, it was still very very nice and good food
I was with the same group of people, we all agreed Madan Zingara was the best
but Vaudeville is still very enjoyable and different from your usual dinner night out

Next week we will be going to Stardust again
also a great night out and ofcourse I can not wait for Madam Zigara
who will be back end May !.

This was the best act of the evening but they are leaving to Las Vegas

Romanian performers Constantin Ciobotaru and Dan Tazlauanu who perform Ballance, have joined the show for ten weeks only before moving to Cirque du Soleil’s Mystère production in Las Vegas
Its a breathtaking hand to hand strength act, they literally have the audience gasping in their seats
absolutely amazing !

You pay 350 Rand Per person if you want to sit at the outer edge of the show or 450 Rand for tables closer to the stage, it includes a 3 course dinner, one welcome drink I had no idea what it was, it tasted like a lemonade but they claimed it was a vodka drink

Performances run Tuesdays to Saturdays at 8:15pm with guests to be seated by 7:45pm. Advance reservations are essential: 021 419 9002.

Vaudeville is located at 11 Mechau Street (off lower Bree Street) on the Foreshore in Cape Town

April 28


  1. i gather you would not be dashing back....

  2. ...well this didn't take long:

  3. Nope Ol not in a great hurry I am looking forward to see Madam Zingara again back in town this end May