Saturday, April 17, 2010

TIME FOR AFRICA Official World Cup anthem chosen: South African band Freshlyground and Shakira

is expected to be released to radio stations across the world next week and will be available for download from April 26.

Growing Hospitality Tent Camp on the Green Point Common and old Stadium site

                    The first hospitality tent on the old Green Point Stadium site was put up today

Seven Seas Voyager All suite cruise ship  leaves Cape Town

See how I first captured her leaving the V&A Waterfront  here

That was in 2007 with my first camera
my beloved Point and Shoot Canon PowerShot S3 IS
which sadly died a grewsome camera death
  I had replaced it with the Canon PowerShot S5 IS
and it died of a broken heart

Friday, April 16, 2010

Would you like to come for a glass of wine at my place ? I live just there on Springbok Road !

The whole of Green Point by night
This was a chance meeting in the Urban Park....

Uhhh Yes please !!! 
I could hardly contain my excitement :)
Hoping I would be able to see the stadium !
And ofcourse I brought my best friend Canon with me :)

Sea Point

Sunset over Sea Point and the blue lights of the Ritz Hotel

Shame about he neighbours house being  in the way !

Thank you so much ! Loved the view and meeting you !

Thursday, April 15, 2010

A blue exploding flower of light in the Cape town stadium The night before and the day after

I kept seeing red and blue explosions of light and tried to capture it
Could only catch one  I have no idea what was going on

The facade looks like an interesting collection of dirty patchwork
at the moment

Note on the left hand side of this photo the roof  frames of more tents !
It is steadily growing and must be for the World Cup It looks like it is going to be
 a huge tented camp !

Misty days are back and the mist tends to linger most of the day
Lots was going on at the stadium and Green Point Common, lots to see .

Just arrived in Cape Town: Seven Seas Voyager waits for the pilot to arrive
while giving the passengers a good view of the new World Cup Stadium

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I fell in love with the Green Point Urban Park Look at these photos and judge for yourself !

It was a rare windless evening
warm.. with a beautiful sunset
I wish I could keep this place all for myself :)
but hey ! Here I am sharing it with you !

I took some shots of the kiddies corner and the small amphi theater
Its cute... but the shots turned out too dark. So next time better

There were some workmen still at work on the pergola at 7 pm it was almost dark
 I asked them till what time are you working ?
Till 8.30 !
And it was sunday !

There is still allot to do before the end of May when it is supposedly ready
Yet each time I come, they have made so much progress again
Does anybody know where the tea pavilion will be positioned?
Rashiq ?

I read that a rich woman had donated 50 mature trees to the park
I do not recognice any of the trees but indeed some are mature
but most are not

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

World Cup 2010 Cape Town Stadium ; Wish you were here !

On sunday ..after a short hike on Devil's peak I decided to stop by
the urban park and see how things were getting on and found these 2 dear's
playing with their toy boats :)

I am in love with the Green Point urban park
It is just a building site at the moment but its going to be such a beautiful place to be
My prediction is that its going to be a very, very popular spot in Green Point

Monday, April 12, 2010

Cape Town Stadium Night photos of last big test event before the World Cup starts

April 10

And today (Sunday) it was business as usual
they took part of a PVC facade strip off the West side and a whole strip off the East side
The facade is a never ending job it seems ...

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Evening photos with sound of the crowds and views of the Cape Town Stadium, during Last Test Event

                                                                    Robben island in the distance
                                       These  photos have sound, if you click here
                         Standing half way up Signal hill, the sound of the vuvuzelas was quite incredible                                                                    as you can  hear in the video's

                                                                                Green Point

                                    I uploaded 2 videos on my You Tube channel here
                              I did not see as many people as I did for the Prayer Event, it did not
 look that busy but will know more when it is on the news

Thankfully it was a nice day and nice sunset ,so different from the day before with rain and grey skies

Many more photos tomorrow