Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I fell in love with the Green Point Urban Park Look at these photos and judge for yourself !

It was a rare windless evening
warm.. with a beautiful sunset
I wish I could keep this place all for myself :)
but hey ! Here I am sharing it with you !

I took some shots of the kiddies corner and the small amphi theater
Its cute... but the shots turned out too dark. So next time better

There were some workmen still at work on the pergola at 7 pm it was almost dark
 I asked them till what time are you working ?
Till 8.30 !
And it was sunday !

There is still allot to do before the end of May when it is supposedly ready
Yet each time I come, they have made so much progress again
Does anybody know where the tea pavilion will be positioned?
Rashiq ?

I read that a rich woman had donated 50 mature trees to the park
I do not recognice any of the trees but indeed some are mature
but most are not

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