Thursday, April 15, 2010

A blue exploding flower of light in the Cape town stadium The night before and the day after

I kept seeing red and blue explosions of light and tried to capture it
Could only catch one  I have no idea what was going on

The facade looks like an interesting collection of dirty patchwork
at the moment

Note on the left hand side of this photo the roof  frames of more tents !
It is steadily growing and must be for the World Cup It looks like it is going to be
 a huge tented camp !

Misty days are back and the mist tends to linger most of the day
Lots was going on at the stadium and Green Point Common, lots to see .

Just arrived in Cape Town: Seven Seas Voyager waits for the pilot to arrive
while giving the passengers a good view of the new World Cup Stadium


  1. QE2 was cancelled long ago

  2. Oh dear the message on the Shipping website had no date on it !

  3. Would be great if you got some pics of the IRT station! :)

    The tea room is just an idea at the moment along with the eco-centre. I think they might bundle the developments together with some small commercial aspects the stadium operators want to include in and around the stadium podium.

    I think this way there is less opposition.

    The pathways and boulevard need lots of people and movement outside of the cyclists and joggers.

  4. Great Looking Ship to match an equally World Class structure deservedly built to be host to a Universal Show of sportsmanship in a Mother City of all.
    Seven Seas Voyager was built at Cantieri Navali Mariotti, Genova, Italy for Radisson Seven Sea Cruises now Regent. Our friend Captain Dag from Norway is the master mariner of the ship and a popular personality in Cape Town and in any other port he steers his ship into for that matter. The crew is an international mix of Europeans, South Africans and Asians. She sails eastward to Asia for the season, repositioning to Europe for the summer sailing through the Suez Canal westward.

  5. Thanks for that Rossano :) Next time Captain Dag arrives in Cape Town ask him to email me beforehand and I will take him for a spin around CT :) On the other hand if he is so popular in CT he might not need me :)