Friday, December 11, 2009

A gorgeous sunset over Green Point and the new Cape Town Stadium

while the wind kicked up quite a dust storm on the Common and the landscaped Urban Park

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The sea was an incredible deep blue

and this is new...
the lights lining the new access road to the stadium are on since about 3 days
They were testing the "ring of fire" again tonight
its such a beautiful sight !

Thursday, December 10, 2009

A completed WC 2010 Cape Town Stadium as seen from the top of Signal Hill

As mentioned yesterday, while I took these images the sound system was being tested

I don't know what music it was but it sounded incredible beautiful
and a Little eerie
for a minute I thought I had arrived in  heaven :)

The brand new virgin white PVC sheets will soon be dirty like the rest of the facade In fact on Friday there is a strong South Easterly forecast and that will do the trick
You will not believe the amount of dust clouds I see whirling around the stadium and the Green Point Common when there are strong winds

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

World Cup 2010 Cape Town Stadium Dec 8, the facade is now complete and the Urban Park

All done !

At Dec 8 around 8 AM it was done ... all the PVC Facade sheets are now attached
ofcourse there is still allot of stretching and tuning to do

An hour later ..Note the new belt of trees on the left in the "Urban Park"
They still have allot of growing to do !

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The Green Point Common images are a  special request
 from my avid blog follower in Madeira 
who used to live along the Beach Road until mid 2008
Allot has changed since then ...

The way it is 2009

The way it was in 2007

Quite gorgeous really...if the facade sheets would be only be clean....
 It rained yesterday
but it didn't clean the sheets unfortunately

I went up Signal Hill today
They were testing the sound system I could hear it at the top of the hill !
It was awesome !
Pretty peed off since I didnt have my other camera with me with the video or I would have video-ed it !

The image bove shows the
Royal Cape Yacht Club, bottom right

Urban Park taking shape..

Ok I shall save some images I took from the top of Signal Hill
 for tomorrow's post

And at t 8.15 PP suddenly all the lights went out ..this has happened  before and I read it costs an awful amount of money to switch them all on again...
Here they had just switched them on again

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Radisson Blue Hotel and the World Cup Cape Town Stadium at night

A few more images of last week from the pier of the Radisson Blue Hotel

The restaurant terrace of the Radisson Blue hotel, which you can just see a glimpse of at the end of the pier, is a great place to have your weekend breakfast,or go for a leisurely lunch and I mean leisurely.... since the service is  s l o w but the food is delicious, or if you dont mind a packed terrace and fighting for a drink at the crowded bar go for a sundowner it is very very popular on nice evenings

Granger Bay Marina

Looking back down the pier at the Radisson Blue Hotel

Monday, December 7, 2009

WC 2010 Capetown Stadium disappearing in thick fog and a trip to Simon's Town

Wow a belt of thick fog made some interesting views tonight ..

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Its been a while since I saw the stadium in the mist

and never ofcourse with the lights on and almost completed

Today I was lucky to have been invited for lunch to the Seaforth Restaurant in Simon's Town, adjacent to the Penguin Colony at Boulders Beach
in Simon:s Town

And afterward had a coffee with a view ...

These are the gaps for the 2 last missing PVC sheets

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Sunday, December 6, 2009

2010 World Cup Cape Town Stadium as you have never seen it before ! Also got the fireworks just in time :)

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This was the amazing sight I saw when very briefly the sun came out, it was an extremely dull colourless sunset but my tripod and camera  were set up on the terrace while I was watering my planters so I immediately dashed off and captured it just in time

I decided not to edit this image Its straight from my camera

The facade is almost finished
there is still a half strip ..apart from this one.....missing on the right
 which we cant see from here

and then about 10.15 while I was editing mu photos of today I suddenly heard fireworks and again this time I had to dash upstairs where my camera was set up and change the lens as well so I only got the last few bits

This was the last big bang
there was so much exploding at the same time its a bit blown out
And so another day in the life of our new stadium has passed