Sunday, December 6, 2009

2010 World Cup Cape Town Stadium as you have never seen it before ! Also got the fireworks just in time :)

click image to see large
This was the amazing sight I saw when very briefly the sun came out, it was an extremely dull colourless sunset but my tripod and camera  were set up on the terrace while I was watering my planters so I immediately dashed off and captured it just in time

I decided not to edit this image Its straight from my camera

The facade is almost finished
there is still a half strip ..apart from this one.....missing on the right
 which we cant see from here

and then about 10.15 while I was editing mu photos of today I suddenly heard fireworks and again this time I had to dash upstairs where my camera was set up and change the lens as well so I only got the last few bits

This was the last big bang
there was so much exploding at the same time its a bit blown out
And so another day in the life of our new stadium has passed

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