Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sequence of Cape Town Stadium shots from Beach Road, dwarfing Table Mountain

Each time I see the stadium from this view point I think : Wow ..
it really is huge .  and beautiful but I must admit if I lived this close I would not like it

Friday, April 23, 2010

FIFA Fan Fest tent erected on the Grand Parade in Cape Town CORRECTION ! Its not for the Fifa Fan Fest SEE BELOW

I just received this e mail and its self explanatory
Thank you so much Gerry !

Hi Joanne,

BTW I have your site as a Favourite .. every since you turned up on my Google with some amazing images of the CT Stadium.

I just wanted to correct your April 23 entry ... what's happening on the Grand Parade at the moment has nothing to do with FIFA and the upcoming Fan Fest location ... it's for the Red Bull Street Style World Final on April 27 / 28 and that fabulous dome structure will be gone a few days later.

I work for Gearhouse Cape Town and it's our handiwork!

PS... tried to post a comment on your site but even tho I logged in, Blogger returned an error!


Here local soccer fans will rub shoulders with visitors from all over the world while watching the matches and highlights on a big screen. Live performances by local artists on a huge stage and sound system will entertain fans in between matches. Food and drinks, official 2010 FIFA World Cup merchandising and local arts and crafts will also be on display or for sale.

The Grand Parade, newly upgraded by the City of Cape Town at a cost of around R22 million, can host up to 25 000 people. It is Cape Town’s oldest public space and one of Cape Town’s most important heritage sites - where Nelson Mandela first spoke to the world as a free man 20 years ago.

The Fan Fest will be open every day of the Competition, from 10:00 to midnight, with live broadcasts of all 64 matches. Entrance is free.

Meanwhile they broke the new Fritz Sonnenberg road up again to reveal this interesting pattern

Yes you guessed it ..Another facade strip done today..
and the tents on the old site are steadily growing

Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Walk past the Cape Town Stadium

These sign posts are new

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Construction of new foot bridge between old GP Stadium site and the Cape Town Stadium

This road is closed off now
So you can not drive around the stadium anymore

                                     There are many men sitting around the edge at work like this


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

This is what a wet Cape Town Stadium looks like on a grey autumn day

A dirty drab wet grey facade and roof ,
reflecting the dirty drab grey autumn sky above

The Urban Park however looks refreshed and colourful and hopefully will soon look even better
 because the grass is in bad need of  rain and looks dead in some places

Come rain or shine it always does look interesting from here
See there are more tent  frames being build on the old Green Point site

The sky lightens and so does the stadium
It wasn't raining hard enough but it must have washed some of the dust from the facade

and after rain comes sunshine
The roof looks shiny and blue again

Monday, April 19, 2010

Does Eskom need to give some energy saving tips to the caretaker of Cape Town Stadium ?

                          Or do you think that all these lights on the whole night are quite acceptable ?
                                        This photo was taken at 22.00 hrs this evening

                 Eskom has embarked on an energy saving initiative known as ‘Measure 2 Manage’
                                                                      Read more here

                     Above and below a few images I had not posted yet they are from the last test event

During the whole of the last test event there was a guy standing on the roof
I wonder if it was a security guy ?
Can you see him ? Orange top on the right .
It must be freezing at night

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Photos of the IRT Stations around the Cape Town Stadium Will they be ready for the World Cup ?

And so they have filled the last hole in the facade today
I hope this is it now

I uploaded 3 video's here on my Youtube channel
which I took this afternoon from the Metropolitan Golf course
Video's are taken with a Canon Point and Shoot camera

                                 The Cherry Picker on the right is stuck, can't go up nor down
                                  The one in the middle is on its way to give a helping hand

Small Integrated Rapid Transit (IRT) Station, Granger Bay Boulevard

Large IRT Station on Main Road, Green point

Pre-paid travel

Passengers using the IRT system will pay using a pre-paid IRT travel cards. Commuters will be able to buy ‘travel time’ at stations, shops and other outlets, which can be loaded onto the card, similar to prepaid ‘talk time’.

To enter an IRT station, passengers will swipe the card at the gate of the station, the system will establish whether there is enough credit on the card and if so, the gate will open accordingly.

Only travel cards can be used as payment on the IRT, no cash will change hands on the vehicles, which makes boarding faster and simpler. At the end of the trip, commuters must swipe their cards again to exit the station. The card reader at the gate will determine the distance travelled and deduct the cost of the journey from the balance on the card.

The IRT stations will have electronic display boards that will tell commuters how long it will take until the next IRT vehicle arrives at the station.
As soon as the IRT vehicle arrives, commuters will get onto the IRT vehicle and it will
leave the station. The IRT vehicle will not wait until it is full before it leaves.

The glass doors of the IRT trunk stations will be aligned with the doors of the vehicles. As the vehicle pulls onto the station the vehicle doors will automatically open at the same time as the station doors. The station’s floor height and the vehicle’s floor height will be the same, providing easy access for prams, bicycles and wheelchairs.
Once operational the IRT will provide Capetonians and visitors with a top quality, safe and reliable public transport service, that is focused on the customer.