Friday, April 23, 2010

FIFA Fan Fest tent erected on the Grand Parade in Cape Town CORRECTION ! Its not for the Fifa Fan Fest SEE BELOW

I just received this e mail and its self explanatory
Thank you so much Gerry !

Hi Joanne,

BTW I have your site as a Favourite .. every since you turned up on my Google with some amazing images of the CT Stadium.

I just wanted to correct your April 23 entry ... what's happening on the Grand Parade at the moment has nothing to do with FIFA and the upcoming Fan Fest location ... it's for the Red Bull Street Style World Final on April 27 / 28 and that fabulous dome structure will be gone a few days later.

I work for Gearhouse Cape Town and it's our handiwork!

PS... tried to post a comment on your site but even tho I logged in, Blogger returned an error!


Here local soccer fans will rub shoulders with visitors from all over the world while watching the matches and highlights on a big screen. Live performances by local artists on a huge stage and sound system will entertain fans in between matches. Food and drinks, official 2010 FIFA World Cup merchandising and local arts and crafts will also be on display or for sale.

The Grand Parade, newly upgraded by the City of Cape Town at a cost of around R22 million, can host up to 25 000 people. It is Cape Town’s oldest public space and one of Cape Town’s most important heritage sites - where Nelson Mandela first spoke to the world as a free man 20 years ago.

The Fan Fest will be open every day of the Competition, from 10:00 to midnight, with live broadcasts of all 64 matches. Entrance is free.

Meanwhile they broke the new Fritz Sonnenberg road up again to reveal this interesting pattern

Yes you guessed it ..Another facade strip done today..
and the tents on the old site are steadily growing

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