Sunday, April 18, 2010

Photos of the IRT Stations around the Cape Town Stadium Will they be ready for the World Cup ?

And so they have filled the last hole in the facade today
I hope this is it now

I uploaded 3 video's here on my Youtube channel
which I took this afternoon from the Metropolitan Golf course
Video's are taken with a Canon Point and Shoot camera

                                 The Cherry Picker on the right is stuck, can't go up nor down
                                  The one in the middle is on its way to give a helping hand

Small Integrated Rapid Transit (IRT) Station, Granger Bay Boulevard

Large IRT Station on Main Road, Green point

Pre-paid travel

Passengers using the IRT system will pay using a pre-paid IRT travel cards. Commuters will be able to buy ‘travel time’ at stations, shops and other outlets, which can be loaded onto the card, similar to prepaid ‘talk time’.

To enter an IRT station, passengers will swipe the card at the gate of the station, the system will establish whether there is enough credit on the card and if so, the gate will open accordingly.

Only travel cards can be used as payment on the IRT, no cash will change hands on the vehicles, which makes boarding faster and simpler. At the end of the trip, commuters must swipe their cards again to exit the station. The card reader at the gate will determine the distance travelled and deduct the cost of the journey from the balance on the card.

The IRT stations will have electronic display boards that will tell commuters how long it will take until the next IRT vehicle arrives at the station.
As soon as the IRT vehicle arrives, commuters will get onto the IRT vehicle and it will
leave the station. The IRT vehicle will not wait until it is full before it leaves.

The glass doors of the IRT trunk stations will be aligned with the doors of the vehicles. As the vehicle pulls onto the station the vehicle doors will automatically open at the same time as the station doors. The station’s floor height and the vehicle’s floor height will be the same, providing easy access for prams, bicycles and wheelchairs.
Once operational the IRT will provide Capetonians and visitors with a top quality, safe and reliable public transport service, that is focused on the customer.


  1. Joanne, we are the access consultants for the IRT (& Stadium) in Cape Town, and we really hope that the stations will be finished on time. We are assured by the contractors involved that it will be, and that the new buses will arrive in time, but it is going to be last minute, and very little wriggle room, if there are any unforeseen problems!

    Great photos though; I thoroughly enjoy following your blog! You have a great photographic history of what I think will become a Cape Town icon. I hope that you collect them into a book - I know I would buy one!

  2. Well there you go! All deserved power to you, I love the first one in this postring!

  3. Thank you so much for your comment Guy and
    I will keep you informed when the book is published :)

    There looks to be allot stil to be done to the big IRT station but I help you pray :)and will keep an eye on them from now on

  4. Thanks Ol

    Yep ..the colours are nice in the first one

  5. That was awesome! Probably one of the more interesting reads in awhile.This looks freaking awesome!

    green world