Monday, April 19, 2010

Does Eskom need to give some energy saving tips to the caretaker of Cape Town Stadium ?

                          Or do you think that all these lights on the whole night are quite acceptable ?
                                        This photo was taken at 22.00 hrs this evening

                 Eskom has embarked on an energy saving initiative known as ‘Measure 2 Manage’
                                                                      Read more here

                     Above and below a few images I had not posted yet they are from the last test event

During the whole of the last test event there was a guy standing on the roof
I wonder if it was a security guy ?
Can you see him ? Orange top on the right .
It must be freezing at night


  1. Stadium runs on its own 2 generators :)

  2. Rashiq the answer below
    generators are for power failure

    In order to achieve this, the City of Cape Town’s Electricity Services has fast-tracked its electricity provision plan, and is installing high voltage underground cables in the Central Business District and Green Point areas.

    The 132kV cables will power the stadium, provide increased capacity and ensure security of electricity supply to the area.

    A new substation is also being built adjacent to the new stadium. It has been designed by the stadium architects and is being constructed together with the stadium.

    Affected roads include Table Bay Boulevard (Oswald Pirow Street to Heerengracht); Heerengracht; Coen Steytler Avenue and Western Boulevard. While the City is making every attempt to avoid inconvenience, motorists, cyclists and pedestrians have been warned to adhere to temporary signage and road markings

    “Essentially, it’s a 2010 project, to reinforce the network in the CBD, which will then be able to pick up any load from the stadium and surrounding developments,” Rencontre added.

  3. Will there be enough electricity, and will Cape Town be affected by power cuts?

    A new electrical substation is to be built in Green Point for R151-million. This will not only supply the stadium, but areas of the city bowl as well, which will need more electricity as it grows. The stadium will not use much electricity, and then only for limited periods. The stadium will also have its own standby generators.

  4. I wonder how inattractive the stadium will be with lights off every night. Im lookin at the bright side of this situation. Plus you won't be able to take night photos of the stadium.

  5. Jeeeeez you're not kidding, this is crazy - and generators don't even come into the mix, and certainly those that they'd have as back-up would not cover any superfluous areas, only those most necessary for functionality purposes. They truly need to take some urgent energy saving tips from other stadia in the world, Eskom based upon their track record would not likely be the source of any sage or useful advice....

  6. A few lights on inside would be enough but what is really crazy is all the lights around the stadium blazing away the whole night and often on before its even dark Its just a waste