Saturday, May 9, 2009

The glass structure of the 2010 Green Point Soccer Stadium

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Made of laminated sheets 16mm thick, will weigh 1 500 tons and fill an area of 37sq km and cost about R475-million. Engineers hope to finished the roof construction in September. No other stadiums (in the world) are using glass, they use other materials The glass roof will be clear but with a slight "greenish" tinge to it, and cover most of the 68 000 seats. It is expected to last more than 50 years.

Underground spring water will irrigate the Green Point Common area and Golf course for 2010

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As I walked up to the stadium I saw this scene and couldn't resist taking a quick shot :) The people in the boat are offloading fish into the "bakkie',piles of fish: Snoek to be precise, there were at least a hundred of little fishing boats today, all along the coast, fishing for snoek aparently there was a huge shoal between Robben island and Sea Point

The City of Cape Town has approved a R15m "green" project to irrigate 2010 Soccer World Cup stadiums

After several green options were considered, the city decided to use underground spring water for irrigation The final report identified the use of underground spring water from a few natural springs situated above the Molteno Reservoir in the city bowl, as being the most favourable solution There seems to be enough spring water to irrigate the entire Green Point Common, as well as the adjacent Mouille Point Promenade and beach front.

This will be much cheaper than using potable water
The project will include a water supply pipeline from these natural springs to the Green Point Common area

Friday, May 8, 2009

Glass roof being installed on top of Green Point Stadium, Cape Town

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Taken on May 8 Late friday afternoon

The re shaping of the Green Point Common May 8 2009

As seen from the "Tigresse" on a sunset tour,the largest sailing catamaran in Africa
a tourist boat and my prefered one, this was my third time, the price is very reasonable
R180.00 (free champagne)

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This is a view of the redevelopment of the Green Point Common The vision for the urban park is to create a quality multi-purpose open space and sports complex that will accommodate a range of sports codes and sporting facilities. It will also cater for limited informal trading and a range of other recreational pursuits for inner city residents. The sporting codes include soccer, golf, athletics, rugby, cricket, tennis and bowls.
Thank God its a beautiful sunny friday morning in Cape Town !
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The golfcourse with water features is well under way several greens are already grassed over They took off the top grass layer of the old Golf course which will quickly regrow again, this way they create instant fairways and greens

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Well this is very unusual but I have only a handful of closeup shots today since the fog was like a thick soup This photo is still from last night

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Green Point Stadium in the mist

This is what I saw just before closing the bed room curtains

Cape Town Stadium shrouded in mist and rolling fog

The mist cleared briefly
Cape Town shrouded in fog
Its been rolling in and out the last 10 days or so Please click on the photo to see the larger size

A view of Green Point Stadium, which is currently under construction, ahead of the 2010 Fifa Soccer World Cup, on May 2 2009 in Cape Town, South Africa. Green Point Stadium will host five first round matches, one second round, one quarter-final and one semi-final.

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What I had not realised is that living in Upper Green Point on Signal Hill is that we get allot of sea fog here in winter but so far thats the only negative point The whole Green Point Common and the sea have been in fog since about a week sometimes clearing up,sometimes hanging around the whole day This shot was taken after a beautiful sunny day but when I rushed up the top of Signal Hill the sea mist had already covered the sea you can see the lights of ships through the fog and half the Green Point Common too