Saturday, May 9, 2009

Underground spring water will irrigate the Green Point Common area and Golf course for 2010

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As I walked up to the stadium I saw this scene and couldn't resist taking a quick shot :) The people in the boat are offloading fish into the "bakkie',piles of fish: Snoek to be precise, there were at least a hundred of little fishing boats today, all along the coast, fishing for snoek aparently there was a huge shoal between Robben island and Sea Point

The City of Cape Town has approved a R15m "green" project to irrigate 2010 Soccer World Cup stadiums

After several green options were considered, the city decided to use underground spring water for irrigation The final report identified the use of underground spring water from a few natural springs situated above the Molteno Reservoir in the city bowl, as being the most favourable solution There seems to be enough spring water to irrigate the entire Green Point Common, as well as the adjacent Mouille Point Promenade and beach front.

This will be much cheaper than using potable water
The project will include a water supply pipeline from these natural springs to the Green Point Common area


  1. Those are some very interesting photos of the outside of the stadium. Any chance of some shots of the inside?

  2. Sure thats on the cards Watch this spot :)

  3. I think I'm in now! Look forward to the upcoming photos. Cheers.