Saturday, March 6, 2010

An enchanting nude Cape Town Stadium at night

I just love it, the way you can see so clearly through the translucent membrane at night !

Friday, March 5, 2010

An evening drive by our new Cape Town Stadium has become quite popular

Two of my blogposts featured on ZIMBIO an interactive magazine which has 20 Million readers a Month.
Jeez if so many people look at my posts I better watch what I write and check my spelling more often :)
 See them  Here and Here

Btw about the above photo :
 This is the original straight from the camera un-edited :

Click images to see large
At first glance you might think I did not get the horizon right here but I have a tripod with a spirit level
and I checked the image its level The stadium podium is tilted
I assume the reason has to do with  it having been build on hard rock

I came home at 7 pm and had no images for my blog
which is not that unusual..but I am never worried since they always somehow materialise :)
just as they did tonight

while I was eating dinner outside on the terrace at sunset
I saw the lights come on in the stadium and I never know 
 how many and which lights will be switched on
and then...OMG the "Ring of fire" was switched on too !
I hastily finished dinner and jumped in my car :)
Yes :( I admit ...sadly I have become a true stadium anorak
yet if you see me, you would never guess lol !
BTW as I write this and look outside ..
there is such a heavy fog outside, I cant see past the terrace

Main Entrance Fritz Sonnenberg road
The ring of fire was on for about an hour
I got some shots
will post them tomorrow though

Thursday, March 4, 2010

New 2010 Cape Town Stadium. A rose coloured bowl.

I usually have itchy feet late afternoon, early evening and really like to get out for a shoot
but not so today ....its been too hot I actually battened down all doors and windows,
 swtiched the airco on  and edited my photos
Do you like my creation ?  Its a shot I took last night just before I hit my bed   

Green point Common Urban park side

The Men’s Health 10km Night Race

I did take this one today late afternoon but from the comfort of my home
 Its one of the most popular short distance races on the road running calendar, attracting over 2 000 runners to the Sea Point Promenade.

Much photographed Mouille Point Lighthouse

Yesterday when I drove to the light house I ended up in the middle of a film shoot (Discovery) There were loads of people, vans and catering tents I realised too late that they  had blocked off the road and came to a halt in front of the boom A man came running up and opened it for me :) so I drove in :) I was very thirsty after my wander around the stadium and was very tempted to get a drink like the others did but I did not dare push my luck :) so I just took some shots of the shoot and surroundings and went home

Its not the first time this happened, in fact its hard to avoid film shoots here
Cape Town is considered to be one of the most beautiful spots on earth, so its very popular for commercial film and photographic shoots

OK If you are still in the mood for more photos
and  want to know what the weather might possibly like in June and July
 along the whole coast of South Africa
then have a look at the photos Here
I took them during my 5 week June/July trip in 2009

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

World Cup South Africa Count down, 100 days to go to 2010

"We had expected 400 000-500 000 foreign fans ..."
Fifa secretary general Jerome Valcke said in Zurich.
but fewer than expected international visitors will be attending the 2010 Fifa World Cup.

The Transport department said that it received confirmation that just over 100 000 international soccer fans would be attending the tournament.
due to sky high Air fares, accomodation prices and crime fears but South Africans have been snapping up more than half the 2.1 million tickets sold so far, so fear not ...
you will not sit and watch the matches alone !

Click images to see large
A photo story of the never ending repairs to the facade
Watch the facade at the bottom
This piece has been replaced and the work is almost finished


And a piece of the facade is being replaced here,
when you walk around the stadium
you see many small patches on the facade and recently they have replaced 
bigger patches of 3 parts,  I can easily see the difference from my home
they are whiter then the rest

This is Bobby and his machine
Bobby saw me walk with my camera outside the fenced in Golf course
and kindly helped me squeeze through a gap in the fence :)
Thanks Bobby you are a star
its getting more and more dificult to get in

We got talking and I explained about how I daily blog and photograph my pride and joy (our stadium)

and then he showed me his pride and joy :)
Photos of his beautiful 7 week old cloud of happiness,
 his baby girl !

A chat with his mate, 50 Meter above ground


Table Mountain  through the trees

The cable car station on Table Mountain and the Stadium

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Cape Town Stadium and Green Point on a very hot Monday March 2010

I can not remember having experienced such strong wind gusts as tonight
Its awful ...I had left the doors slightly open to the terrace, when suddenly all hell broke loose and a wind gust rudely interupted my blogging
it moved furniture, toppled huge plants and blew half the garden inside !

Focal length 10.0mm
Canon Ultra wide EF-S 10-22mm f/3.5-4.5 USM SLR

A full moon lights up the sea and did you know I talk to myself ?
I said: Oh no Joanne ! You are not taking another shot of it , are you ?
You must have a 1000 "Stadium by moon light" shots by now !

Well you know
 I just take it for the hell of it :)

and the same applies to the Waterfront
where I was  this afternoon ..

I am truly happy I changed the Sigma 10-20 for my Canon ultra wide angle lens
and today I picked up my broken Canon lens from Orms
so the repair did not take long at all

Orms is BTW the only shop I buy my photographic equipment from

Stadium IRT Station Granger Bay boulevard
Its not finished

Dan Plato: "The Granger Bay proto-type station will be completed at the end of February and will be our first completed IRT station. It is at this station where we are testing all the different engineering and operational facets involved to ensure that the construction of our other stations in the inner city and on the west coast is smooth and efficient. I encourage residents and councillors to drive down the newly opened Granger Bay Boulevard and to view this station and the Boulevard itself."
Read it here

Monday, March 1, 2010

Photos of a sweltering sunday in Sea Point and Green Point , Cape Town

The day started with Jive Big Walk a charity 10 KM walk
 from the forecourt of the new Cape Town Stadium

It was close to sunset when I drove to the Noon Gun
to see if I could get a shot of the stadium :)
Not much luck there ... too many huge trees obscuring the view

but I did see the new path (not a road) in the Green Point Urban park

German Navy Open Day Saturday & Sunday 27/28 Feb
and the navy ships :
FGS Brandenburg,
 FGS Niedersachsen FGS Franfurt Am Main,
 SAS Amatola
 SAS Spioenkop
 in the V&A Waterfront harbour
which I hade seen arriving the other day

This is Queens Road, in Sea Point
 which is adjacent to Green Point

walked right down to this little beach along Beach  Road
See the drilling ship in the middle of the photo
I can see it from home too
see the second last image

Turned to my right and saw the moon rise in the sunset sky
You can see part of The Peninsula Hotel on the right

Turned right around and looked up Queens Road
to see Lions Head towering over the highrise of Sea Point

The drilling ship which has been moored there for at least a week now
to the left of the Ritz Hotel

Strangely enough....
the lights have been on friday, saturday and sunday night,
 the whole night....

Click images to see them large

Sunday, February 28, 2010

View from the old Green Point Stadium remains to the Cape Town Stadium and beyond

The stand of the old Green point Stadium.
Looks like they had pretty comfortable seats ..

I think I should have used my flash here ..

Looked at a 3 month photography course today
 but can not make it, as I am abroad for part of it
 Darn !

The view from the old stand has now opened up somewhat ..
had the wind not kicked up so much dust
 I would have liked to take photos of the machinery
with my wide angle lens
I love my new ultra wide angle lens

I was almost blown off here Such strong gusts of wind !
BTW Do you notice the whiter patch in the facade ?
When you are close you can see many small patches
One day it will be a unique patch work :)

This one is my favourite shot of the bunch

and so I played with it

The suburb where I live
Wonderful Green Point !