Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Cape Town Stadium and Green Point on a very hot Monday March 2010

I can not remember having experienced such strong wind gusts as tonight
Its awful ...I had left the doors slightly open to the terrace, when suddenly all hell broke loose and a wind gust rudely interupted my blogging
it moved furniture, toppled huge plants and blew half the garden inside !

Focal length 10.0mm
Canon Ultra wide EF-S 10-22mm f/3.5-4.5 USM SLR

A full moon lights up the sea and did you know I talk to myself ?
I said: Oh no Joanne ! You are not taking another shot of it , are you ?
You must have a 1000 "Stadium by moon light" shots by now !

Well you know
 I just take it for the hell of it :)

and the same applies to the Waterfront
where I was  this afternoon ..

I am truly happy I changed the Sigma 10-20 for my Canon ultra wide angle lens
and today I picked up my broken Canon lens from Orms
so the repair did not take long at all

Orms is BTW the only shop I buy my photographic equipment from

Stadium IRT Station Granger Bay boulevard
Its not finished

Dan Plato: "The Granger Bay proto-type station will be completed at the end of February and will be our first completed IRT station. It is at this station where we are testing all the different engineering and operational facets involved to ensure that the construction of our other stations in the inner city and on the west coast is smooth and efficient. I encourage residents and councillors to drive down the newly opened Granger Bay Boulevard and to view this station and the Boulevard itself."
Read it here


  1. The training buses arrives, so I assume, they can now use the prototype station for testing as above.