Thursday, March 4, 2010

New 2010 Cape Town Stadium. A rose coloured bowl.

I usually have itchy feet late afternoon, early evening and really like to get out for a shoot
but not so today ....its been too hot I actually battened down all doors and windows,
 swtiched the airco on  and edited my photos
Do you like my creation ?  Its a shot I took last night just before I hit my bed   

Green point Common Urban park side

The Men’s Health 10km Night Race

I did take this one today late afternoon but from the comfort of my home
 Its one of the most popular short distance races on the road running calendar, attracting over 2 000 runners to the Sea Point Promenade.

Much photographed Mouille Point Lighthouse

Yesterday when I drove to the light house I ended up in the middle of a film shoot (Discovery) There were loads of people, vans and catering tents I realised too late that they  had blocked off the road and came to a halt in front of the boom A man came running up and opened it for me :) so I drove in :) I was very thirsty after my wander around the stadium and was very tempted to get a drink like the others did but I did not dare push my luck :) so I just took some shots of the shoot and surroundings and went home

Its not the first time this happened, in fact its hard to avoid film shoots here
Cape Town is considered to be one of the most beautiful spots on earth, so its very popular for commercial film and photographic shoots

OK If you are still in the mood for more photos
and  want to know what the weather might possibly like in June and July
 along the whole coast of South Africa
then have a look at the photos Here
I took them during my 5 week June/July trip in 2009

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