Wednesday, March 3, 2010

World Cup South Africa Count down, 100 days to go to 2010

"We had expected 400 000-500 000 foreign fans ..."
Fifa secretary general Jerome Valcke said in Zurich.
but fewer than expected international visitors will be attending the 2010 Fifa World Cup.

The Transport department said that it received confirmation that just over 100 000 international soccer fans would be attending the tournament.
due to sky high Air fares, accomodation prices and crime fears but South Africans have been snapping up more than half the 2.1 million tickets sold so far, so fear not ...
you will not sit and watch the matches alone !

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A photo story of the never ending repairs to the facade
Watch the facade at the bottom
This piece has been replaced and the work is almost finished


And a piece of the facade is being replaced here,
when you walk around the stadium
you see many small patches on the facade and recently they have replaced 
bigger patches of 3 parts,  I can easily see the difference from my home
they are whiter then the rest

This is Bobby and his machine
Bobby saw me walk with my camera outside the fenced in Golf course
and kindly helped me squeeze through a gap in the fence :)
Thanks Bobby you are a star
its getting more and more dificult to get in

We got talking and I explained about how I daily blog and photograph my pride and joy (our stadium)

and then he showed me his pride and joy :)
Photos of his beautiful 7 week old cloud of happiness,
 his baby girl !

A chat with his mate, 50 Meter above ground


Table Mountain  through the trees

The cable car station on Table Mountain and the Stadium

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    Table Mountain Cableway