Sunday, February 28, 2010

View from the old Green Point Stadium remains to the Cape Town Stadium and beyond

The stand of the old Green point Stadium.
Looks like they had pretty comfortable seats ..

I think I should have used my flash here ..

Looked at a 3 month photography course today
 but can not make it, as I am abroad for part of it
 Darn !

The view from the old stand has now opened up somewhat ..
had the wind not kicked up so much dust
 I would have liked to take photos of the machinery
with my wide angle lens
I love my new ultra wide angle lens

I was almost blown off here Such strong gusts of wind !
BTW Do you notice the whiter patch in the facade ?
When you are close you can see many small patches
One day it will be a unique patch work :)

This one is my favourite shot of the bunch

and so I played with it

The suburb where I live
Wonderful Green Point !


  1. you read my mind. I was about to ask you to focus on the old stadium to see whats happening!

    If possible, would be nice to see some of the Stadium IRT station