Saturday, June 20, 2009

The other side of the new 2010 Green Point Stadium in Cape Town

I usually shoot the Green Point stadium with a piece of the Green Point Common on the left, this time I show you the right side, there is a lot happening there, the fan walk,new roads and roundabouts Click photo to enlarge

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Green Point/Mouille Point in Cape Town

Apart from the photo at the bottom which I published in flickr I have never shown any of these shots before, simply because someone critisised them so much What do you think of them ?
Tall building on the left is the Ritz hotel with the only rotating restaurant in Cape Town at the top The view is stupendous , rooms on this side look over the whole of the Green point Common and far beyond
Click photos to enlarge
The place I am standing is called Mouille Point
the mountain is Lions Head

When I roll my car down the hill I end up here Well more or less .. I like this spot...its right behind the Green Point Light House because no matter which way you turn, there are gorgeous views to shoot, its also an excellent spot to shoot the sunset

V&A Waterfront in Cape Town

V&A Waterfront This is where I see a movie or have dinner with a view I also go at least once a week for an intensive food shopping spree always heading for the Haagen Dasz ice cream shop first come rain or shine then I wander along the harbour with my ice cream watching the boats the weather the mountain the people, thoroughly enjoying myself:)

I took these photos at various times in the recent month's this was during the week we had daily mist
Wandering along the quayside of the Waterfront I always have my camera ...mounted on a gorilla pod in my bag, even when I go to the supermarket or the cinema !
Wisps of mist blown from the left when I took this shot
This is what I learned from watching other people's photos on flickr,
never think the weather is not right for a photo its always right !

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Cape Town by night As seen from Signal Hill

The first time I saw this view which is about 3 years ago, I was absolutely mesmerised by the beauty of it, what you can't see here is how the city is sitting snug inside the surrounding mountains ..Devils Peak, Table Mountain, Lion's Head and Signal Hill on 3 sides then the sea on the 4rth side
This was the blue hour....after sunset but before darkness I find it difficult to capture this time of the day,I was disappointed and always get annoyed with myself :) for not getting it right

So I went back and tried again this time waiting for total darkness but I am still not satisfied ofcourse there is a nickling voice in my head saying its the camera ! :)

My question is which one do you think is the better photograph this one or the top one ?

Close aerial view of 2010 Green Point Stadium,Cape Town, South Africa

I can say I was frozen to the bone after I was finnished ..I had to hide from the wind behind a bush it was so strong my tripod was rocking like a ship on high seas

Zooming in like I did here... the slightest movement would have blurred the photo

Click photos to enlarge
Don't you just love that glass roof ?
Its really gorgeous you will not believe how many times it changes colour during the day

Monday, June 15, 2009

Come to my beautiful city: Cape Town, South africa

Driving home this evening I stopped to capture the view from the road up Signal Hill
Its over the CBD and the Port of Cape Town

then I just turned into Tafelberg road because with the thick misty heavy cloud over the city, the last sun rays just catching the buildings I couldn't resist taking this shot it was begging me to share this view with you
I posted a photo of the stadium I took this evening here on flickr

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Fog On Signal Hill

Click to enlarge photo
Just to satisfy my curiosity ;) which of the 2 do you prefer ?
Strange.. I had published my blogpost last night but it wasnt here this morning.. it is now ;)

Believe it or not this was the second time in a row this weekend that I went up Signal Hill to shoot the new 2010 Green Point stadium from above at sunset when something spoiled my fun This evening it was sudden fog even though I had left Green Point bathing in sunshine
but 19 minutes later when I was back at home again I shot the photo below The fog was just high up Signal Hill

I almost hit a whole flog of guineafowl you can see them next to the road which is the road up Signal Hill