Sunday, June 14, 2009

Fog On Signal Hill

Click to enlarge photo
Just to satisfy my curiosity ;) which of the 2 do you prefer ?
Strange.. I had published my blogpost last night but it wasnt here this morning.. it is now ;)

Believe it or not this was the second time in a row this weekend that I went up Signal Hill to shoot the new 2010 Green Point stadium from above at sunset when something spoiled my fun This evening it was sudden fog even though I had left Green Point bathing in sunshine
but 19 minutes later when I was back at home again I shot the photo below The fog was just high up Signal Hill

I almost hit a whole flog of guineafowl you can see them next to the road which is the road up Signal Hill


  1. I like the sepia one more ... the one at the top .. But then both are great photos.

  2. ...avoid sepia, it's too the b&w one!

  3. Well thank you both, thats useful :) 2 different opinions !
    Ok I need a third one !

  4. have a great eye and beautiful eyes...

  5. I like the composition and framing more in the Sepia one, but I agree it would look better in B&W. The Sepia one is a slightly different angle or something but it's so much better, maybe I have OCD.

  6. Anonymous thanks for your comment
    I tend to agree I like the compo and the mysteriousnes of the sepia version better but pleez tell me what is OCD or I will have sleepless nights !

  7. OCD = Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder.
    I'm not really OCD, maybe perfectionist would be a better word.

  8. Sounds like we have that in common then :)..I hate the fact I can't rectify my mistakes in the comment box like I wrote mysteriousness without 2 ss-es but as far as I know blogger doesn't proide a means to do something about it GRR ! BTW out of curiousity are you male or female and do you speak arabic ?:)