Wednesday, June 17, 2009

V&A Waterfront in Cape Town

V&A Waterfront This is where I see a movie or have dinner with a view I also go at least once a week for an intensive food shopping spree always heading for the Haagen Dasz ice cream shop first come rain or shine then I wander along the harbour with my ice cream watching the boats the weather the mountain the people, thoroughly enjoying myself:)

I took these photos at various times in the recent month's this was during the week we had daily mist
Wandering along the quayside of the Waterfront I always have my camera ...mounted on a gorilla pod in my bag, even when I go to the supermarket or the cinema !
Wisps of mist blown from the left when I took this shot
This is what I learned from watching other people's photos on flickr,
never think the weather is not right for a photo its always right !

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