Saturday, December 19, 2009

An aerial view of 2010 World Cup Cape Town Stadium which was recently hit by theft

Click image  to see large
Apparently the PVC mesh sheets were torn last weekend during the storm due to theft of aluminum "caps" which attach the PVC sheets to the facade read more here
and the thieving headache here

The stadium is practically ready but not quite...There is still a snag list to attend to + the 4 torn sheets and other small details still need finishing touches The pitch also still needs a few weeks of growth before it's ready for its opening game on January 23 2009 when Ajax Cape Town take on Santos.

This evening while I was shooting on Signal Hill, I met the owner of the cherry picker company (the small serving platforms you see on the right in the photo)
He asked me if I had ever been inside I said No I had not.
He promised me to ask his site manager to contact me via my e mail adress and he would then take me
 So please keep your fingers crossed for me !
I would love to go up on the roof to shoot !

Also today.... the colours were so beautiful I couldn't resist posting this

Seen many times before but I get never tired of it I hope you do not either isn't it awesome ?
Look at it this way My blog is like a webcamera
except that it is not able to stream :)

I took this shot before I went up Signal Hill this evening
the famous Tablecloth was just forming, it was such a beautiful evening
and such special light

Friday, December 18, 2009

Oh the Cape Town Stadium is looking very weird now !

Those were the words of one of my 10 guests tonight
Believe it or not I was hosting a braai (barbeque to the rest of the world)
and it was pouring with rain but it didn't matter we still had fun inside

and during a quiet moment I nipped upstairs to take these shots
More and more lights are lit up around the stadium
almost every night I notice something new has been added

Note the row of green lights in front of the stadium are new

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Another day in Green Point, Granger Bay Boulevard, the Cape Town Stadium and the V&A Waterfront

Wednesday is
Regatta day It is when the sea is sprinkled with white sails

Click images to enlarge
When I suddenly see a shadow moving over the ground
I know the hang gliders are jumping of Lions Head
here there are 3 jumping at the same time
This is the location where "Freshly Ground" is going to perform on Dec 19th
its just to the left of me, out of this shot on a black floating platform
with views of Table Moutain and Signall Hill
Cost: R120 - R180
DATE: 19th December 2009
 EVENT: Aquafest VENUE:
V&A Waterfront
 Computicket or box office on site
The new Granger Bay Boulevard with access to 2010 CT Stadium is now open
   but doesn't seem to be used much yet by the public
it is nice and quiet on the road
The Granger Bay IRT station on the left of the image is still under construction
View from new Granger Bay Boulevard
on the right the slope of Signall Hill and Table Mountain behind it
The area right in front which is not quite ready
is a new car park

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Shot the "Diva of Cape Town" our new 2010 Stadium on my way home from "Invictus"

Stopped off along the new Granger Bay Boulevard to shoot these
after watching "Invictus"
Nelson Mandela, in his first term as the South African President, initiates a unique venture to unite the apartheid-torn land: enlist the national rugby team on a mission to win the 1995 Rugby World Cup

To me this was the best movie I have seen in 2009
I go to the cinema every week so I saw my fair share this year
"Invictus" is brilliant brilliant , I learned quite a few things too since I am a foreigner and have only lived here for a few years I do not know all the nuances and intricacies of the years of apartheid
If you are planning to come to South Africa then do not miss seeing this movie and if you are not coming to South Africa then go and see it anyway if you want to see a brilliant film which has been outstandingly well directed and acted
The only minus point was apparently the rugby game in the movie was not so good
however I did not notice this since I know the first thing about Rugby

This was at 11.15 PM still hard at work
The facade  still needs a bit of tightening

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Keys of the new Cape Town Stadium were handed over to the city of Cape Town but the work still goes on

Blame the glass of wine in my left hand
for the quality of this shot
This was taken after a few hours being at a party in Sunset Beach tonight
In reality the view was awesome
you can just see the stadium on the right

Even thought the keys were handed over today to the City of Cape Town
the work on the facade is by no means finished

All around still hard at work

They were testing the sound and acoustics again today
it is very loud, even though the sound is supposed to be contained you can hear it all over Green Point
 but so far thankfully the music has been nice.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Evening view from Metropolitan Golf club

The wind gusts were so bad
 I had to steady my tripod to stop it rocking

Work going on in the lee of the wind

Sunday, December 13, 2009

In pictures: Driving from Green Point via Blouberg to the WC 2010 Cape Town Stadium

Driving down Strand Street om my way to Blouberg and Big Bay 
Most images are taken from a moving car
There was an insane wind blowing
 a strong South East wind known here as the Cape Doctor
since it blows away the pollution

Table Mountain hiding underneath the thick Table Cloth

Being sand blasted in Big Bay was no fun so returned and had dinner somewhere else
this part of the road just before the "Paddocks" and "Sunset Beach" on the right

8 PM on my way back to Green Point

The Convention Center on the left
Note the Stadium drawing on the Road sign

click images to see large

Arriving in town now

Turning off toward the V&A Waterfront
Please do not note the football's on the right :)

I do love the sight of these fishing boats, you can see them even from quite high up in town
 they are being refurbished

Argh !
Finally !
What a great sight it is at night !

This was my favourite shot of the bunch tonight

Hope you liked my litttle tour :)
Unfortunately for you there were a ton of images too blurred
to post here