Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Keys of the new Cape Town Stadium were handed over to the city of Cape Town but the work still goes on

Blame the glass of wine in my left hand
for the quality of this shot
This was taken after a few hours being at a party in Sunset Beach tonight
In reality the view was awesome
you can just see the stadium on the right

Even thought the keys were handed over today to the City of Cape Town
the work on the facade is by no means finished

All around still hard at work

They were testing the sound and acoustics again today
it is very loud, even though the sound is supposed to be contained you can hear it all over Green Point
 but so far thankfully the music has been nice.


  1. Hello! I really enjoy your blog and the pictures are wonderful and very interesting, greetings



  2. Thank you for your comment Demi Lu