Saturday, December 19, 2009

An aerial view of 2010 World Cup Cape Town Stadium which was recently hit by theft

Click image  to see large
Apparently the PVC mesh sheets were torn last weekend during the storm due to theft of aluminum "caps" which attach the PVC sheets to the facade read more here
and the thieving headache here

The stadium is practically ready but not quite...There is still a snag list to attend to + the 4 torn sheets and other small details still need finishing touches The pitch also still needs a few weeks of growth before it's ready for its opening game on January 23 2009 when Ajax Cape Town take on Santos.

This evening while I was shooting on Signal Hill, I met the owner of the cherry picker company (the small serving platforms you see on the right in the photo)
He asked me if I had ever been inside I said No I had not.
He promised me to ask his site manager to contact me via my e mail adress and he would then take me
 So please keep your fingers crossed for me !
I would love to go up on the roof to shoot !

Also today.... the colours were so beautiful I couldn't resist posting this

Seen many times before but I get never tired of it I hope you do not either isn't it awesome ?
Look at it this way My blog is like a webcamera
except that it is not able to stream :)

I took this shot before I went up Signal Hill this evening
the famous Tablecloth was just forming, it was such a beautiful evening
and such special light


  1. So much good stuff from one day. Wow. Great pics, love both the closeup of the stadium and the table cloth being pulled over TM. Almost looked eery.
    All shots from the roof must be posted here btw :) Night!