Sunday, December 13, 2009

In pictures: Driving from Green Point via Blouberg to the WC 2010 Cape Town Stadium

Driving down Strand Street om my way to Blouberg and Big Bay 
Most images are taken from a moving car
There was an insane wind blowing
 a strong South East wind known here as the Cape Doctor
since it blows away the pollution

Table Mountain hiding underneath the thick Table Cloth

Being sand blasted in Big Bay was no fun so returned and had dinner somewhere else
this part of the road just before the "Paddocks" and "Sunset Beach" on the right

8 PM on my way back to Green Point

The Convention Center on the left
Note the Stadium drawing on the Road sign

click images to see large

Arriving in town now

Turning off toward the V&A Waterfront
Please do not note the football's on the right :)

I do love the sight of these fishing boats, you can see them even from quite high up in town
 they are being refurbished

Argh !
Finally !
What a great sight it is at night !

This was my favourite shot of the bunch tonight

Hope you liked my litttle tour :)
Unfortunately for you there were a ton of images too blurred
to post here


  1. I LOVED the tour! Thank you for showing me a bit more of CT life that I haven't seen. Great shots of the stadium with green grass. I miss green grass!

  2. What ?
    You dont have green grass in Sweden ?
    I would get the hell out of there Helen !:)