Saturday, February 27, 2010

A dining table with a view of Green Point, Sea Point, the new stadium and the Atlantic Ocean

I finally had dinner in the revolving restaurant of the Ritz Hotel after an earlier visit of
in the Convention Center

I took all these shots with my new ultra wide angle Canon 10-20mm Lens apart from the last one

The view is to die for ..
Be prepared though.... the whole place seems to be in a time
warp, the decor, the food, including the music of the lady pianist :)
Still....I enjoyed it , the food was not bad and the staff is friendly
I had Chicken and prawn sate from the grill and
grilled line fish in a piquant papaya sauce
oh ok I do not reallywant to admit this...
 but I also had vanilla ice cream and hot chocolate sauce

The Convention Center against the backdrop of Table Mountain and Devils Peak

Design Indaba Expo is a 100% local-is-lekker celebration of South Africa’s ingrained creativity.
 Advertising, architecture, craft, décor, film, fashion, graphic design, interior design, jewellery, new media, publishing, product design and visual media, are all presented shoulder-to-shoulder

Shot from home, late afternoon

Friday, February 26, 2010

A pool with a view ...

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Cape Town's pride and joy ...Our new soccer stadium with the sunset sky reflected in the roof

Mama Mia ! Is she beautiful or not ?

Look what magnificent cumulus clouds I saw this afternoon !
Taken from home

V&A Waterfront
With my new Ultra wide Canon lens
 Focal lenght 16.0mm
Very happy with the result

Old Green Point Stadium remains
Canon Ultra wide lens 10-20mm
Focal lenght 13.0 mm
To my surprise the fencing was gone
Unfortunately I could not include the old stand since it would have
meant shooting into the sun

Some more from 2 nights ago

The sunset sky vividly reflected in the glass roof
It is so gorgeous
 Pity that you have to be really high up to see it

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Captured ! Ultra wide (Canon 10-20mm) World Cup Cape Town Stadium + Green Point Urban park aerial updates

So I swapped the Sigma for the Canon lens and as I arrived home it started raining..
 it looked so grey and dismal
by 7 pm there was a storm blowing as well and I thought what the heck
 I just drive up close and take a few shots
I managed to take these 2 and about 6 landscape shots
The landscape shots were duly binned..
but this is what I will improve on in future
I am not happy with the composition of these shots
due to trees being in the way and the strong wind (dust storm)
limiting my access to the stadium but they are sharp
so I am happy now

Extra Large image
South Entrance
Granger Bay Boulevard

An excellent website :

A MUST read for the owners of the

Three Anchor bay

New Green Point urban park in the making
Full speed ahead ...

Urban Park lake construction

They have been working on this for ages
they had to put in extra drainage since the ground was allot wetter then they anticipated
Not sure what the black stuff is... I will get close soon and find out
The pile of soil in the old stadium never seems to deminish ..
yet they are forever digging in it and moving it around

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

High Resolution images of the Green Point Stadium in Cape Town, South Africa

 Canon EF 70-300mm
Click on image to see a very big file  
The wind was incredible I would have been blasted everywhere and had no idea where to go
but I found a nice sheltered spot in the lee side of a wall,
 on one of the high roads on Signal Hill and took a nice series of sunset shots
A beautiful sunset and  lightening over Milnerton quite spectacular !
More of these tomorrow ..
It was a stunning sunset

Click images to see large

I bought a new polariser for the Sigma 10-20 lens and took it once more out to see if I could improve on the images
Well this is the last one you will see from me
it was the only usable one of 12 images taken with the Sigma lens
They are very soft on the left side of the image and ok-ish on the right
 although sharp in the middle
Tomorrow I am going to change it for the
I hope this will be more to my liking

I found this on the web today its amazing !
The Green Point Stadium will host the 2010 FIFA World Cup, starting in June and ending in July. The stadium is located in Green Point, between Signal Hill and the Atlantic Ocean, near the Cape Town city center.
With a capacity of 68,000, the stadium will host first round, second round, quarter, and semi-final matches. GeoEye-1 .50-meter resolution collected 11 September 2009.CLICK ON IMAGE   to download)

Monday, February 22, 2010

Cape Town Stadium iced up

Or so it seems ..

Last one  from yesterday evening its a big file ..

The wind was insane today
that is why all the tourist boats are moored in harbour
I had a Haagen Dasz ice cream in the V&A Waterfront
Life is good !

Quite pleased with the sharpness here
just a slight softness at the edges
I do not have my polariser for the Sigma lens 10-20mm yet
so the skies are a little washed out

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Aerial view over Green Point, new soccer Stadium, V&A Waterfront, Cape Town CBD

click image to see large
I took a whole load of shots from Signal Hill with my new Sigma lens 10-20 mm
 but was mostly disappointed with the results
I know it must be me..
I stil don't know how to get the best out of it

It was exceptional warm these last 2 days
this evening was tropical and i had never seen it as busy on Signal Hill
It was mayhem with all the cars on that narrow road getting stuck and no where to park..

You hear all sorts of languages
and people are very friendly chatting
There are people bringing picnic's you can see lovers arm in arm or kissing , families ,
lots of foreigners, South African tourists from other parts of SA
I like it and feel very safe there at night