Friday, February 5, 2010

Grass on the Urban Park in Green Point and the Stadium at night

The started laying grass yesterday and I saw sprinklers going for the first time
Up till now they watered the trees by hand

The Castle Cape Town Tens party is in full swing tonight

February 4

Cape Town Stadium at night, close and personal from the top of Signal Hill

Tickets for the World Cup semi-finals and final,
 as well as two of England's first round matches in South Africa, have sold out, FIFA said on Friday Febr 5 2010

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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

February updates on the Urban Park, Golf Course, Cape Town Stadium and Green Point Common

Its amazing how people think they can just steal my images even though I clearly state that they are All Rights reserved
Note how he carefully cropped my blog name off the photos !
Look here
and he is by no means the only one I did send him a message to remove my images immediately

More trees have been planted and they are making good progress with the paving
on the circular path since I was last there on Jan 15

The irrigation water for the Park and the golf course is still not linked up with the underground springs located in Oranjezicht. Apparently it will be at least another month before they can stop using potable water.

The grass on some of the Golf course greens is not knitting well
and will have to be replaced but in general the Golf course is on target to be opened on the first of April
but the opening maybe delayed due to Fifa constrains
Work is going on the new athletics track and grandstand
 on the site of the old Green Point Stadium

Hamiltons Rugby club set up for the Castle Cape Town Tens

As the final countdown to the Castle Cape Town Tens continues, tickets will be on sale on sale until 1 pm at the gates at Hamilton's on Saturday and Sunday
Tickets to the Stormers-Boland match at the Cape Town Stadium - and thereby the Tens exhibition match beforehand - are sold out, BUT tickets (the so-called 'junior' Castle Cape Town Tens weekend pass) are still available for ALL the Cape Town Tens action at Hamilton's throughout the rest of the weekend.
These 'junior' weekend passes can still be bought on Computicket

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Looking forward to see the first ever rugby match in the new Cape Town stadium.

Two more shots of the "Ring of fire" as seen on January  18
I hope to be better to attend the Rugby Festival on Saturday
 but so far I feel like death warmed up :(

Click here to read the Rugby Festival information brochure (and click on picture)

Monday, February 1, 2010

What the Cape Town stadium looks like from my home on February 1 2010

Back to blogging a little later then expected,
 since I came back with the flu and am still not recovered
and not strong enough to go outside yet

Hamiltons Rugby club has started to prepare for the 2010 CT Tens.

I took this on Jan 18 the night before I left for Egypt
all 360 spotlights of the "Ring of fire" were blazing away,
A rarity nowadays, since  most nights the stadium is quite dark