Monday, February 1, 2010

What the Cape Town stadium looks like from my home on February 1 2010

Back to blogging a little later then expected,
 since I came back with the flu and am still not recovered
and not strong enough to go outside yet

Hamiltons Rugby club has started to prepare for the 2010 CT Tens.

I took this on Jan 18 the night before I left for Egypt
all 360 spotlights of the "Ring of fire" were blazing away,
A rarity nowadays, since  most nights the stadium is quite dark  


  1. Welcome Back Joanne, I have really missed your photo blog.... Looking forward to another 120 days or so of viewing your pictures before I get to see the place in person. I am counting the hours...!! :-)


  2. Hi Joanne,
    So sorry to read about you coming back with flu, but I hope you had a good time in Egypt before you came down with it. And it's great to see that the stadium still looks just as good.
    You will no doubt soon be hearing that we had a fantastic weekend and I hope your ears were burning. Now even more plans to come over early next year.
    Get well soon and we missed you. :-)

  3. Thanks for taking the trouble to write Steve
    I will do my best posting till you arrive :)

  4. Thank you for everything Helen :)It was totally unexpected !
    Would be so great to meet you next year !