Saturday, October 3, 2009

Green Point Stadium and Cape Town as seen from Tafelberg Road

The smoke of the Noon gun, Robben Island,  Cape Town new  Green Point Stadium and the Port of Cape Town

Views toward Milnerton and beyond

Friday, October 2, 2009

New 2010 Green Point Stadium as seen from Milnerton Beach on a windy afternoon.

The wind was so strong I could hardly stand still,I and my camera were eating sand so I had to beat a hasty retreat

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Images of the dusty World Cup Green Point Stadium silver mesh facade

Click on images to see large
We are experiencing extremely strong gusts of wind at the moment to give you an idea of the dust I took this shot a few hours ago, you can clearly see the dust being kicked up, its one of the reasons the mesh facade got dirty so quickly, the other reasons is the heavy trucks racing up and down the dirt road near the stadium I can often not shoot because of all the dust in the air.

This shot is from a strip which had just been attached

Remember the 2 sheets hiding something ?
The space to the right of the sheet is where the other one was
They were doing the staircases
Click on image to see the amazing details even though I shot it all the way from my home

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

New Green Point Stadium on a sunny sunday afternoon .

The Beauty and the Beast

The backside or North side, which I cant see from my house.

They have called it a pot, a bowl, a hat ...and of course don't forget ...a white elephant....well I agree from this side.....hmmm.....pretty it is not ...

The wind was blasting me here, it was 19.00 PM and the sun was going down, a cold evening by the time I came home I was frozen to the bone

North West side of the stadium

This evening September 29 to see the whole photo click
the facade lit up from behind
and many more to come !

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Un-processed, un-edited, straight from the camera images of the Green Point Stadium

It is important to get the colour right of the facade on the images of the mesh close ups I post here.
Obviously its no good to show you the facade in un-realistic colours. The interesting fact about the facade is that it takes on different colours and changes depending on the time of the day, the colour is also affected by the weather, the colour of the sky and also what angle it is viewed from It simply never looks the same

So for your interest I posted the same image (above) twice taken on sept 24 at 18.00 PM when the sky was ink black and the sun suddenly came out and lit up the stadium. The top edited image is what it looked like in real life, the bottom image is straight from the camera

 I took the shot with my SLR Canon EOS 450D the top image was edited, with my usual settings in Picasa  Contrast Tuning and slight increase of saturation
 I use only 2 programs Picasa and Picnik for the more creative images

All the above images are un-processed so not edited but straight from the camera, they are just cropped
to show the mesh facade only. Click on the image and you will see the date, the time and where I took it from
Unfortunately I had deleted already many of the images of the past 18 days (thast how long they have been working on the mesh facade) especially the ugly grey onces, so I cant show all the days.

(From my point of view, the mesh looks as grey as cement when it is a grey day and in the morning but  it looks like copper or golden when the sun sets but not all the time even during sunset the mesh changes colour and on sunny days it takes on shades of white.
I see it every day, day in day out , it never looks the same, when it is bad weather it looks ...well ...ugh
but when the sun shines it looks nice, even though close up, it is grey-ish brown and actually dirty, especially the older strips but I imagine the rain will wash it clean from time to time  Problem is, it doesn't rain here for 3 month or so in summer ...

Top shot is un edited, the bottom one edited in Picasa
Sunday Sept 27 Shot from the golf course at 18.00 PM
 The facade looks great here, nice and white
 It was a sunny beautiful day and I loved the stadium again... but the previous day on Saturday it was grey and about to rain, I drove up close and was very disappointed, it definitely didn't look nice, the colour wasn't nice and the older strips of mesh were visibly dirty in comparison with the newer ones So there you are, its not a clear cut case .

Monday, September 28, 2009

New 2010 Green Point Stadium given the Lomo treatment

I fell in love again when I was photographing the stadium this afternoon. I had briefly gone off it, but its ok it has its moods ..the facade  doesnt look good at certain times of the day or all weathers, but today it looked great  There is still a good amount to do on this side of the stadium, the foreground is all part of the golf course and what a magnificent golf course it is going to be I am seriously thinking of taking up golf !

It still is a building site but already the lake was so beautiful with the setting sun and the blue sky reflected in it

I used a Picnik treatment called Lomo-ish on all 4 photos, Here you can read what Lomo is

The lights had just been switched on, I like to come back one evening when the lights are on inside the stadium. Unfortunately I need someone to come with me then, after dark it would be too dangerous for me to be there alone.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

A boat trip past the new 2010 Green Point Stadium in Cape Town, South Africa

A huge new Green Point Stadium almost complete
Last images taken from the Tigresse on Sept 22/2009

Gorgeous Cape Town with its famous mountains

The Radisson Hotel terrace you can see in front of the stadium which  is where I took these photos from and these too

Signal Hill on the left Lions Head to the right
Far right: The very tall building is the Ritz Hotel

The Green Point Light house which I can see from my house