Sunday, September 27, 2009

A boat trip past the new 2010 Green Point Stadium in Cape Town, South Africa

A huge new Green Point Stadium almost complete
Last images taken from the Tigresse on Sept 22/2009

Gorgeous Cape Town with its famous mountains

The Radisson Hotel terrace you can see in front of the stadium which  is where I took these photos from and these too

Signal Hill on the left Lions Head to the right
Far right: The very tall building is the Ritz Hotel

The Green Point Light house which I can see from my house


  1. I was going to buy myself some new boots with some "extra" money I had this month, but these pictures have made me put it into the savings account instead :). I'm back onto March 2011 now, I decided that the girls are still a bit too young next March. So until then I have to entrust that work wants to send me on my own at some point. Keep your fingers crossed!

  2. Ah :( I am a litle disappointed Helen but who knows I might come to Sweden in summer 2010.. I didnt know you had girls :) but yes I do hope work will send you this way.. 2011 sounds awfully far away !

  3. I agree, it does sound ages away. Yep, 2 girls, I asked "you know who" to show you a recent pic I took of us. Please ask otherwise you'll never get to see it :-)

  4. Helen I asked but seen nothing,nuther... nada yet :)

  5. Wow Helen I saw it FINALLY just now Really liked it allot, lovely looking girls all of them, nice to know now what you look like :)