Monday, September 28, 2009

New 2010 Green Point Stadium given the Lomo treatment

I fell in love again when I was photographing the stadium this afternoon. I had briefly gone off it, but its ok it has its moods ..the facade  doesnt look good at certain times of the day or all weathers, but today it looked great  There is still a good amount to do on this side of the stadium, the foreground is all part of the golf course and what a magnificent golf course it is going to be I am seriously thinking of taking up golf !

It still is a building site but already the lake was so beautiful with the setting sun and the blue sky reflected in it

I used a Picnik treatment called Lomo-ish on all 4 photos, Here you can read what Lomo is

The lights had just been switched on, I like to come back one evening when the lights are on inside the stadium. Unfortunately I need someone to come with me then, after dark it would be too dangerous for me to be there alone.

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