Saturday, March 13, 2010

Oudekraal One of Cape Town's secret beaches

From Oudekraal with breathtaking  view of Twelve Apostles mountain range on the right
and Lions Head in the distance

Keep your eyes peeled for the sign "Oudekraal "when you drive the stunning coastal road between Bakoven and Llandudno, Its part of the Table Mountain National Park and often not half as busy as the more famous other beaches close by. It is a beautiful boulder-enclosed bay and when I went late this afternoon
the Camps Bay beaches were packed but here there was just one small party, a just married couple getting their photos taken

This gorgeous place is only about 20 minutes drive from Green Point depending on traffic
The only drawback is that the gates close at 18.00 so it was no good for sunset photos

Oudekraal Beach

Has sheltered coves and small sandy beaches between the massive granite boulders
I just love climbing rocks and boulders and there are plenty here !


From the top road on Signal Hill

In the last 2 days I got 3 World Cup related video's send to me
 from my blog fans in Canada, Germany and Cambodia

This one is very nice
but I absolutely adore this one

Friday, March 12, 2010

Cape Town Stadium A look under its skin

They were in the middle of replacing a long strip of the membrane facade
and as you can see here,it was as busy outside as inside

A look at how tensile fabric structures respond to weather extremes and how the dangers of these are avoided. Here

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Green Point, Three Anchor Bay and the Cape Town Stadium

Three Anchor Bay
Spot the Stadium !

Green Point
Entrance of the Radisson Blu Hotel on the left
(there is a car leaving )

I have started to make an "about me " page as requested by some

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Seat update of the new Cape Town Stadium

I was in the stadium today
Another strip of the facade was replaced

and they are still hard at work inside as well ,

there are work men where ever you look
The Spotlights which are part of the "Ring of Fire"

I watched these guys climb on the roof and was green with envy
I wish I could get on the roof too !

Click images to see large

Temporary seats, suite seats, Black VIP seats
Theye were preparing for the evening welcome of

The grass looks amazing
You could be forgiven if you think it is fake grass

I was briefly inside the Cape Town Stadium Prison

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Dawn Has Broken

6.40 AM
Thankfully only once in 10 years or so, I get to see the dawn
Today was the day.
I woke very early and very unusually :) I could not get back to sleep no matter how I tried !
And just to illustrate how far I have sunk :(....the thought of seeing what the stadium looked like at dawn
actually tempted me to get up and look !
Frankly it was not a beauty to behold was drab and grey
but the sky and the lingering mist above the sea behind it held the promise
of what could be and so I started shooting
6.50 AM

6.58 AM

To my annoyment none of the stadium ones came out very well
You know what that means dont you ?
It usually means I want to try again :(
but I hope I am able to fight the urge off tomorrow morning

7.12 AM
Remember these  photos I took from the
view from the old Green Point Stadium ?

7.22 AM
All the tents are for this coming weekend Cape Argus Pick and Pay cycling tour

Monday, March 8, 2010

New Cape Town Stadium Lit By Lightening

Its been incredibly hot in Cape Town
and for quite a while there was lightening above the sea
but not above the stadium I could see it move to the east though
and then suddenly Crack !
 Got ya !

Its pouring with rain here
what a spectacular show it was
and all for free !

I actually had a whole different set of images to post
but that will have to wait till tomorrow

Sunday, March 7, 2010

A "Ring Of Fire "; Cape Town Stadium. 2010/03/04

When I noticed on Thursday while having dinner outside on my terrace that the "ring of fire" was switched on I wanted to shoot it but not from my home, so I drove to a place higher up Signal Hill but by the time I arrived
I was only able to take 3 shots

a couple of minutes later ..

when I looked up from my camera they had switched it off
and it looked like this

If you always look at my blog during the day
then I recommend  looking at the photos at night
they come much more alive