Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Dawn Has Broken

6.40 AM
Thankfully only once in 10 years or so, I get to see the dawn
Today was the day.
I woke very early and very unusually :) I could not get back to sleep no matter how I tried !
And just to illustrate how far I have sunk :(....the thought of seeing what the stadium looked like at dawn
actually tempted me to get up and look !
Frankly it was not a beauty to behold ..it was drab and grey
but the sky and the lingering mist above the sea behind it held the promise
of what could be and so I started shooting
6.50 AM

6.58 AM

To my annoyment none of the stadium ones came out very well
You know what that means dont you ?
It usually means I want to try again :(
but I hope I am able to fight the urge off tomorrow morning

7.12 AM
Remember these  photos I took from the
view from the old Green Point Stadium ?

7.22 AM
All the tents are for this coming weekend Cape Argus Pick and Pay cycling tour

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