Monday, March 8, 2010

New Cape Town Stadium Lit By Lightening

Its been incredibly hot in Cape Town
and for quite a while there was lightening above the sea
but not above the stadium I could see it move to the east though
and then suddenly Crack !
 Got ya !

Its pouring with rain here
what a spectacular show it was
and all for free !

I actually had a whole different set of images to post
but that will have to wait till tomorrow


  1. now these are seriously impressive, well done, lightening has got to be one of the most difficult unplannable things to shoot - respekt!

  2. OH MY GOD JOANNE! This is the thing front page headlines are made off. Such great photos and I can imagine you must have been sooo pleased to see they came out so well. New desktop background coming up :-)
    Thanks and I hope the air's a bit cooler today.

  3. Thanks for a great braai again!!
    Great pictures - good stuff!!

  4. Great photos, but the watermarks are highly distracting.

  5. Thank you so much Ohjaygee

    Helen ! Ofcourse I wasnt pleased :) there is a million things wrong with them and besides they are just a few of the hundred or so I took !

    Birger :0 always a pleasure to have you around
    and thanks fro the compliments

    Adrian thanks
    I could not agree more with you
    but if you had been a regular viewer of my blog you would know that they are stolen left and right and cropped and posted else where under the pretense that they are theirs
    and I know a few more reasons why I can not leave of these big watermarks