Friday, July 24, 2009

JULY 2009 Photos of the upgrading and re-configuration progress on the new Green Point Common

The photo shows all of the Green Point Common, the island on the left/NW is Robben island, the distant shore is Blouberg with Milnerton on the right(NE)a suburb of Cape Town

Scheduled for completion early March 2010 Considering they started the work on Jan 12 2009 the new golfcourse is taking shape at breakneck speed I wish I had an old photo to compare of how it was before It used to be all brown in summer in future they will use underground spring water for irrigation as opposed to using expensive potable water in the past

This is the site where the old Green Point Soccer Stadium used to be The part which hasn't been dismantled will be refurbished post 2010. During the World Cup it will serve as the FIFA commercial hospitality area the Media will use a bridge from the old stadium into the new stadium media centre and press facilities.
This midlle part of the Common is IMO the most impressive and dramatic change with the huge new water features clearly taking shape

The Western side of the GP Common where the Public Park is allocated, still looks like the moles have been at it, but they are working very hard to sort that part out too

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Green Point Soccer Stadium July 2009 As seen from the new Golf course

Several people mentioned the starry lights in my night shots .... I like to explain that I am not using a filter or a computer generated program or a sock :) its just thesetting I dont know how to capture a nightshot any different then I do now, its the only way I know how to keep the details and its my camera more or less who dictates whats right and whats not

The last shots from the Golf Course.. Btw These trees were newly planted I have seen the lorries and tractors ferrying them around

When you click the photo you will see there is a whole nursery of trees waiting to be planted
I have spend half the afternoon on top of Signal Hill today shooting you will see tomorrow
It was cold and now and then even some drizzle yet I felt so happy walking there
My God what a gorgeous city this is ! You know..its funny how many people smile at you when you are happy :)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Huge diamond found in Cape Town !

Click photo to see it large
Ok its the new Green Point Stadium which twinkles like a diamond at night
I took this shot from the new golf course on the Green Point Common and when I saw this photo it reminded me of the first time I ever saw the concept photo of the Green Point Stadium
Look here

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Urban Park of the Green Point Common is still a mess

The West side of the Green Point Common is where the new Urban Park is going to be, but right now its just one mud bath Imagine trying to navigate there after dark like I did last night !
This part of the Common looks the most unfinished the East side where the Golf course is looks already fabulous and green Its such an improvement from the brown look of the old Green Point Common !

I know that butyl liners have a limited lifeline so I was surprised to see they aren't using cement but I must admit this one is very THICK as you can see here
The water is still from the heavy rains we had it a week ago, it must be so difficult to work under those circumstances
Click photos to enlarge

Compare this water feature with the 10 story building behind it and you get an idea of the size !

Monday, July 20, 2009

View from the new Green Point Common and Golf Course

I had seen lorries with trees being ferried around this last week and I was also amazed to see that they are using Butyl lining for the water features so I wanted to check that out and found a gap in the fence , I walked around the new Golfcourse until well after dark which was a mistake since it was hard to find my way back to the gap with all the mud and the huge waterfeatures blocking my way I should have brought a flash light
Thankfully Hamilton's (Football club) lights were on

I took photos of the waterfeatures and the stadium ofcourse More of that tomorrow
Signal Hill on the left, thats where I live and Lions Head on the right I have to mention the weather again, it was a hot 25° !

Working day and night on the 2010 Green Point Soccer Stadium now that the strike is over

Click the photo to see how many men there are working on this half of the roof, its hectic !
I have no idea what they were going to do with that tent which is hanging on the crane I dont see it anymore
The middle part of the stadium
They worked through the night on friday and saturday Lights blazing, cranes moving, I love to see all this activity because the stadium looks stunning at night all alight
Only on Sunday night all is quiet
Notice the snow on the mountains in the distance You will not believe how hot it was today people are in their swimsuits on the beach and its supposed to be winter here This is very typical for Cape Town It can be cold and wet in winter but it can also be sunny and warm or even hot like today